Customer Service FAQ: What is Smart Pull?

Abigail Sawyer | 21 Mar 2016 | Roller Shades


What is the SmartPull option for Bali Roller Shades?


SmartPull is a lift option available for Bali Roller Shades. With this option your shades will come with a short pull cord on one side of the headrail. Continuous loop cords take many revolutions to fully raise the shade, but with SmartPull the shade can be raised with just a few tugs on the retracting cord.

To raise your shades, tug on the cord gently a few times until the shade is fully raised.

To lower the shade, pull the cord with a sharp tug. To stop the shade while lowering, gently pull to cord again.

Here’s an example of SmartPull on a sheer shade. SmartPull is only available for Bali Roller Shades and not sheer shades at this time, but this video will give you an idea of how the system works.

– Customer Service Specialist Rebecca Page


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