How to decorate with heirlooms and family photos

Katie Laird | 06 Jan 2015 | Trends

It’s heart warming to walk into a home that’s full of family history and stories.  Do you have a large box of cherished photos, family mementos from generations past or interesting collections?

Here are some tips on how to incorporate that family memorabilia into your everyday decor:

Display family photos with flair

Get creative with sharing family photos – both old and new:

family photo decor

Decoupage family photos onto furniture

family photo dishes

Add family photos to vintage dishware


Make it easy to switch up family portraits

Frame family favorites

Sometimes it’s difficult to display the sweet little mementos that may mean the most to you.  We say:  frame it!

frame family recipes

Frame those old family recipes

Frame vintage doilies

Frame those dainty vintage doilies

Heirloom button art

Create some heirloom button art

Get creative with heirloom display

No matter what you’re showcasing, a little creativity goes a long way when displaying your favorite things:

Rainbow letter press tray display

Rainbow letter press tray display


Mug and ceramics display

Work with your furniture for fun displays

Cigar box for vintage rings

Use a cool cigar box for vintage ring display

Have any neat family heirloom display and decor ideas?  Share with us on Pinterest!

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