Lift it, baby! What are the different window covering lift types?

Mindy Schultz | 02 Jul 2014 | Feature


At, we want to make your shopping experience both easy and exciting.   With countless custom options, we know the purchase process can feel overwhelming – most specifically when it comes to lift types. Here, we’ll outline the most popular lift options available on a lot of products.

Standard Pull Cord

The standard pull cord is the most common lift you will see on binds or shades.  The standard pull features a sturdy cord that hangs straight along the side of the product. Choose between left or right side pull locations. The standard pull cord is not recommended for heavy products or on wide windows.



The are many benefits to selecting the cordless option.  For starters, the blind or shade is cord-free, giving it a sleek and less busy look in the window.  Additionally, the cordless lift serves as a safety feature for both children and pets in the home.  Cordless products can be easily raised with the touch of a finger.  Cordless grip handles are most often supplied to help raise and lower the shade.  Want the cordless feature?  Shop our 3/8″ Double Cell Light Filtering Shade (NOW ON SALE!).


Continuous Cord Loop

The Continuous Cord Loop, or CCL for short, is designed with a unique clutch mechanism that is built to withstand heavy weight.  Choose the continuous cord loop for any wide or tall measurements.  The CCL also has a sleek product design and is considered safe for both children and pets.   The feature operates like a pulley system with either a cord or a beaded chain and can be placed on either the left or right side of the product. All Roller and Solar products come standard with a beaded CCL.



Have a nice view you want to preserve?  The Top-Down/Bottom-Up lift is the way to go!  This lift option allows users to both raise and lower the shade with its unique product design.   The top-down/bottom-up function helps preserve your outside views, as well as retains privacy.  The life option is standard with cords on each side, but can also be ordered as a cordless and top-down/bottom-up lift at an additional fee.

135x200-cell-control-cord-TDBU 135x200-cell-control-cordless-TDBU

Motorized Lift

For tall, out of reach windows, the motorization lift will be your perfect match.  With the touch of a button, raise or lower your out of reach window blinds or shades.  Motorization is another child and pet safe lift option and is growing increasingly more popular in everyday homes.


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