Dorm Wall Art: Washi Tape Windows

Phoebe Pinder | 12 Aug 2016 | DIY Projects


Washi tape is the perfect way to decorate a dorm room, rented space, or classroom because you can add endless amounts of decoration without damaging the walls.

Not only is this tape adorable, it’s also affordable, and transportable. What other wall decor can you just throw in your purse?

red table

This week we decided to play around with this little roll of design fun, and we were more than pleased! Of course, the first idea that came to our mind was to make a window, and we’re going to show you how to make one yourself on a bare wall near you!

What you will need:

  • Washi Tape
  • A blank wall or space

tape 2

Get Inspired

Start by sketching out your design so you can scale it to the wall accurately. The great thing about washi tape is that if you mess up you can just peel it off and start over!


After that, it’s time to tape! We created five different windows all from the same rectangular frame, and time lapsed the process so that you could see exactly how to DIY!

1. Simple Succulent


2. Linear Roman Shade


3. Craftsman Panes


4. Minimalist Roller

window 4 real

5. Sun Soaked Window


Check out this timelapse to see exactly how these windows were created!

As always, happy crafting!

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