Dorm Room Decor 101: For the Dudes

Evie Sweeten | 17 Aug 2014 | Trends

Standard issue dorm furniture and white walls are hard on the designer in all of us, even guys. We’ve made a list of dorm decor must haves for dudes that we think are key to making a temporary room feel like home.

Dorm Room Decor 101: For the Dudes

Bathroom Basics

Switch out the standard white shower curtain for something a bit more fun. This blue shower curtain brings some color into an otherwise pretty drab room.

blue shower curtain


Running out of toilet paper is a real possibility in a shared bathroom. Ensure you always have at least two rolls on hand with this unique toilet paper holder.



For Friends

Sometimes late night gaming sessions, or ahem study sessions last way longer than expected. Use this futon as an occasional guest bed for when friends don’t want to go home just yet or if watching a marathon on TV sounds like a better idea than sleeping in your bed.

Target Fouton


Via Target

Whether you need an extra layer of warmth during winter or just want something to cozy up with when watching TV, this throw blanket makes a great addition to a dorm room.

arrow blanket


Soften Up

We’re in love with this plush bath mat. The neutral color palate can most like match existing dorm furniture but the yellow is just bright enough to make the rug noticeable.


Via Target.

If colors aren’t your thing, this grey and white rug is perfect. It’s large enough to almost cover your half of the dorm room, which great you don’t actually have to make contact with cold floors in the morning.

grey and white rug

Via Target

Fun Finds

Posters that show off what you love are always good dorm decor pieces. They can be bright and big like the one above to go over beds or small and muted placed above a desk.

game of thrones poster

Via etsy.

Show parents how responsible college has made you by keeping a plant alive for more than a week in this fun dinosaur planter.

trex planter

Via etsy

Still need dorm decor inspiration for the guys in your life?

Try for a wide array of photos from actual students’ rooms.

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