Create the Perfect Study Space: Dorm Decor

Abigail Sawyer | 25 Sep 2012 | DIY Projects

Make Your Desk the Perfect Study Space!

Poppin School Supplies

Deck out your desk with the brightest, most customizable accessories around From Poppin. They have a tool called Design-A-Desk that allows you to create a desktop suite in any color combination. Be sure you grab a stapler, because your prof won’t provide one when you turn in that first term paper.

Snowcone Notebook from Poppin

If you’re into taking notes the old fashioned way, do it in style with this color blocked, neon notebook, also from Poppin.

The Seven Year Pen

Go green for a semester (or long past graduation) with the Seven Year Pen. You wouldn’t know it from the outside, but this sleek pen conceals an extra large ink cartridge that will last seven whole years! Rather than contribute to the 100 million pens discarded every day, choose one of the 20 fun designs and stick with it.

5 days a week paper mousepad

Keep your engagements, assignments, and aspirations where you’ll see them with this double duty 5-day calendar mousepad from Knock Knock.

Add a little green to your desk with this DIY terrarium from Twig Terrariums. It comes with happy, healthy moss and a tiny guy or gal (you choose) to live inside.

Aquavista Fish Clock

If you’re up to the challenge of caring for something other than yourself, keep your fishy friend in the coolest home there is. The Fish Clock from Aquavista will take the stress out of checking the time, even when you sleep through your first class.


The Splatter Backpack from Zara Terez will hold your lab notebook, Collected Works of Shakespeare, laptop and everything else you need. Since each backpack is one of a kind, it will not only be eye catching, but you won’t see anyone walking around with the same one.

PowerCurl Mac Cord Manager

You got a laptop so you could take it places, but it’s tough to get up and go when you’re dealing with a tangle of cords every time you set up shop. The PowerCurl Mac Cord Manager from Quirky will keep your desk tidy and will let you take your laptop to class or a friends dorm at a moment’s notice.

 Don’t forget the windows! Brand Blackout Panels

Let’s be real, university dorm issued window coverings just don’t cut it. Some have terrible gaps that let light in early in the morning and others have gotten so bent out of shape over the years that they don’t provide any privacy at all.

Our Brand Blackout Curtains will ensure that your room stays dark when you want it to, and will meet dorm regulations because it can be hung easily with a tension rod. These curtains are made with an extra tight three layer weave so the maximum amount of light is blocked, but they’ll also help make your dorm feel more like home.

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