Dorm Room Decor 101: Make Your Front Door Fab

Abigail Sawyer | 20 Jun 2014 | Trends

When it comes to college, first impressions are everything.

We found some funky dorm room decor ideas that will make your door stand out from the pack and show passers-by how fun the folks inside are!

Dorm Decor 101: Make Your Front Door Fab

Write White Here

First thing’s first, you’ve got to have a whiteboard. It’s on every dorm checklist. You’ll use it to leave your roommate notes when you’re gone, and let you’re whole floor know about movie night at your place.

A small generic whiteboard will do, but this DIY Framed Whiteboard is worth the crafting time.

DIY Whiteboard

Via Voyages of the Creative Variety

The Wonder of Washi

Dress up your generic dorm door with a simple washi tape design. Washi tape peels off easily, so you can change the look anytime, AND it’ll come off clean when you move out.

Geometric Door With Washi Tape

Via Crab and Fish

I Say Hello

Give friends a warm welcome with this custom door decal. To make it, grab a roll of inexpensive patterned contact paper, trace your design and cut out with scissors!

Hello Door Decal

Via Campbells Stoop

Step Right In

A fun doormat will give you a place to wipe your boots after a muddy walk to class and make friends smile when they come to visit.

tally home doormat
Tally Home Doormat from Mod Cloth

Door Stop On By

In college, an open door is the universal signal for “stop by and say hi”. This kooky doorstop will make dorm mates do a double take and pop in to chat.

lend me a paw doorstop

Lend Me a Paw Doorstop via Mod Cloth

I’m Hooked

It’s easy for the area just inside the door to become a dumping ground for backpacks, coats and books. Lots of hooks are a dorm room essential and will keep your space neat and tidy.

for the dorm - entry hooks

Entryway of the Wise Wall Hooks from Mod Cloth

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Want to make sure you get the best sleep ever in college? Order some blackout curtains along with all of your other dorm room essentials!

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