Dorm Room Decor 101: Surviving a Tiny Bathroom

Abigail Sawyer | 08 Aug 2014 | Trends

You’ve heard the tales of roommate disputes and passive aggression. Tiny cramped bathrooms can be a serious battle ground. BUT with lots of organization and some mood-boosting cuteness, you can head off the drama.

Here’s our 2014 Dorm Checklist for the Bathroom. Just remember – don’t use the last of the shampoo!

Dorm Room Decor 101: Surviving a Tiny Bathroom

Countertop Storage Cuteness

Waste less plastic and save money with a refillable soap dispenser. Buy soap in bulk (we like these from Mrs. Meyers) and fill ‘er up!

owl soap dispenser

Could cotton swabs BE any cuter? We love this little guy.

Hedgehog q-tip holder

Keep toothbrushes off the grimy counter with an aviary holder.

Bird Toothbrush Holder

Keep rings in order with this tentacled trinket dish.

Polpo Trinket Dish

Don’t let your dryer and other tools (not to mention your roomate’s) take up all the bathroom counter space. Stash them vertically in this dryer holder. Plus the front compartment is perfect for corralling products and bobby pins.

Hair Dryer Station

Pretty Up The Shower

Mix in some fun patterned towels (like this one from Target) in with your solids. They’ll look good hanging on the towel rack when friends (or family!) come to visit.

Threshold Botanic Fiber Accent Towels

Two roommates and a tiny bathroom means that space to hang towels and robes is scarce. Get a rack with lots of room like this double-decker (and cute!) one.

Yours & Mine Over The Door Rack

Don’t rely on the dorm-issued plastic shower curtain. Upgrade it for a curtain with a cute design and dragging yourself into the shower for 8 am classes won’t be such a chore.

Room 365™ Placed Graphic Floral Shower Curtain

Start your morning right by wiggling your toes in a soft (and sassy) bath mat.

So Fresh and So Clean Bath mat

Make The Most of Your Space!

Only room for one at the bathroom mirror? Hang this mirror-on-a-hook elsewhere to create your own morning prep space.

Hanger Mirror

Don’t bother with the chicken wire earring holders out there. This style makes life SO much simpler. Studs can slide into the grooves without taking off the back.

Earring Holder

First rule of college bathrooms: avoid the standard issue, paper thin TP. Replace it with something cute like this Developing Your Decor Toilet Paper Holder + Tissue from Modcloth.

Developing Your Decor


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