Cozy, Casual Drapes for The Living Room - Window Makeover with Mrs. Hines Class

Abigail Sawyer | 19 Jun 2013 | Living Room

Sharon Hines Drapery Panels

Our friend and fellow Houstonite, Sharon Hines, is on a quest to give each room in her home a ‘wow’ factor via her House Beautiful Series on her blog, Mrs. Hines Class. Her latest project has been to give her living room window treatments some much needed pizzaz.


Sharon Hines Drapery Samples

She scheduled a Face2Face Consultation with designer Stephanie, and was able to show off her home via video chat. With personalized suggestions for a more modern look, she ordered samples and decided on the Easy Drapery Panels in Wilmington Buff.


Living Room Draperies

The soft contrast with the wall color warms up the room, and grommet hardware adds a more modern feel.

If you want to get the cozy, puddled look that Sharon pulled off so well, just add 6-9 inches to your curtain length when you order. Extra length can be left to crumple and fold naturally, or can be tucked under and ‘puffed out’ for a fuller look at the hem.This is a beautiful look for drapes for the living room.

Hear more about Sharon’s design quest at Mrs. Hines’ Class


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