Modern Rustic Cottage Living Room Gets Updated With Woven Wood Shades

Phoebe Pinder | 20 Jun 2016 | Home Tours


Struggling to find out exactly what your decor style is? Then you’ll love the latest design journey from our blogger friend Amanda Risius. She recognizes that putting together your home decor vision can sometimes be difficult, and is not afraid to address, redo, and update.

Living Room Update


After Amanda finished decorating her living room the first time, she realized that things weren’t quite right. Rather than get discouraged, she looked for practical ways to update it and achieve a look that really spoke to her.

The style she settled on is Modern Rustic Cottage and we think it looks fantastic. From the woven wood shades to the Moravian star light fixture, the space is stunning!

She Says:

I was frustrated and didn’t understand how I missed the mark when decorating. I was disappointed in myself and that it meant I’d have to start over. That’s when I really started to analyze my decorating style and be intentional with what we used and needed. I thought if I could just master my decorating style, I’ll be much more happy with our home and how it looks.

So here we are several months later, I now know exactly what my decorating style looks like and how to achieve it, and we’re slowly making some updates to our living room!


Amanda’s living room was filled with big, beautiful windows… all they needed were some suitable blinds to reach their full potential!

She Says:

Next, we installed new woven wood shades from We have these in our kitchen as well and let me tell you, they are AMAZING. I wanted shades that warmed up the living room a bit (because we have lots of white) so I chose the color rustic jute with some texture and the style fits our beachy cottage style perfectly.


She says:

My favorite thing about these woven wood shades is they still let light in even if they are down, but if you want to completely block out it out, there are liners you can put down as well. This is a great feature in the evenings for more privacy. They have several color options to choose from (and free samples!) but I’m so glad I went with rustic jute. I had such a hard time deciding on a color but they provided a designer you work directly with and she was so helpful and made the process super easy. Can’t recommend them enough!


Eager for more?

You can read Amanda’s entire living room journey in her post: Lessons Learned + Living Room Updates, and see her tips on awesome light fixtures and wall art!

To get her exact window covering look check out Woven Wood Shades in Rustic Jute.

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