4 Ways Every Parent Can Help Their Children Succeed in School

Blinds.com crew | 10 Aug 2010 | Seasonal Trends

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Back to School can be a hectic time as parents struggle to get their homes, refrigerators, and carpool schedules ready for Fall. While all parents think about what to put in their children’s lunches, very few consider taking steps to make their homes more conducive to good study and sleeping habits.

Child psychologists say that it’s very important to get into the pattern of studying and getting a good night’s sleep at an early age. Studies also suggest that children who establish these patterns early on do better in school and are more successful in college.

One way to increase a child’s productivity while studying is to create a space that puts him or her in the right mindset for learning. Window blinds play a surprisingly big factor.

Here are a few things that all parents should do:

1. Install window blinds that block glare from the sun. Glare often makes it difficult for a child to see his or her computer screen. It can also damage the child’s vision if he or she is straining their eyes often.

2. Choose top down/bottom up options on the blinds nearest to your child’s study area. While it is important to block glare, sunlight easily affects moods. Allowing a little sunshine to come through the top of the shade can make a world of difference in a child’s attitude.

3. Blinds can lessen distractions. Even the smallest movement, like a bird or car, can break concentration. Prevent pesky interruptions from making an impact by keeping the blinds lowered during study time.

4. Put blackout shades in your child’s bedroom. In the Summer and early Fall months, the sun sets at around bedtime. Make it easy for the kids to go to sleep at a reasonable hour by installing shades that completely block light, like the SlumberShade 3/8″  Double Cell Blackout. This popular shade won’t break the bank, but will help kids get a good night’s sleep.

It is just as important that the home be a place of learning as it is for a child’s school to be. Talk to your children’s teachers about how tired they are and how prepared for class they seem. Take the proper steps to fix what you can, should a child’s teacher say he or she needs some extra help at home.

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