Where to Hang Curtains in the Dorm (Other Than The Windows) - Dorm Decor 101

Abigail Sawyer | 15 Aug 2014 | DIY Projects

At a loss for how to make your dorm room feel like home? Curtains to the rescue!

Whether printed or solid, drapes are one of the most versatile things on your college packing list. Read on for the many ways you can use them, besides covering your windows!

Where to hang Curtains in the dorm (Other than the windows)

Cover a Wall for Extra Coziness

Wall-to-wall draperies are great for adding dimension, color and can cover a multitude of sins. If you’ve got uneven window placement or ugly, beat-up walls try this look. In this space the wall of curtains acts as a visual headboard and unifies the look of the room.

wall of curtains dorm

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Make an Instant Closet Door

Don’t want to have your entire wardrobe on display for anyone who stops by? With a tension rod and rod pocket curtain you can keep your unmentionables and ratty t-shirts safely hidden away.

Dorm Decor Ideas - Curtain Over Closet

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Loft Bed + Curtains = Grown up Fort

A tried and true way to make the most of tiny dorm rooms is lofting your bed. Make space underneath extra cozy (and create a space to hide from a crazy roommate) by lining the sides with curtains.

Curtains Under Bunk Bed

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Make a Wall Hanging

Like wall-to-wall curtains, a wall hanging can conceal a wall with lots of bumps and bruises. Just grab a large curtain panel, lay it flat, and tack it to the wall with nails or push pins.

Hand Stamped Wall Hanging

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