Help! I Need Blinds for a Super Sunny Bathroom Window

Abigail Sawyer | 15 Oct 2015 | Bathroom


My glass block bathroom window is on the East wall, 8 ft behind me when I’m facing my large mirror. I want a horizontal blind that can reflect light up to the ceiling when partially open without bleeding ANY light directly to the mirror in front of me (so as not to be in my eyes). The Bali 2″ faux wood blind comes close, but I’m afraid the individual louver overlap is insufficient to reflect light up to ceiling without bleeding it between blinds to my mirror and thus to my eyes. Is there a blind which can be partially open, reflecting all light towards ceiling (white on outside would be good start), and without bleeding any light directly through horizontally? This would likely require more than standard overlap of slats. – Carl A.


I completely understand why you would want a shade for your bathroom that provides privacy and light but not overwhelmingly so! Especially when a shade is right behind a mirror, the light can be blinding and no one wants that! Have you heard of an option called top-down, bottom-up? It does exactly what you are requesting, where the light can come in from the top to illuminate the room without bleeding light directly 8 feet in front of it. Are you familiar with cellular shades? I ask because along with providing privacy for the bathroom and the illumination of light they also provide insulation from the outside temperature.


Another great option would be shutters that can be tilted on top and bottom independently. Your shutters will have a decorative rail in the middle and you can tilt the top louvers up to let in light while the bottom section remains closed tight.

plantation shutters

For your situation you’d adjust your shutters the opposite of this photo – with the top open and the bottom closed.

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