Home Insulation – How Window Treatments Keep Your Home Warm in the Winter

Blinds.com | 13 Oct 2009 | Energy Saving

If you
think all you need is a Snuggie to keep you warm in the Winter, you are sorely
mistaken. Window treatments are an critical part of home insulation. Home
insulation is a topic on everybody’s minds these days, but most people don’t
really understand their options. There are plenty of super expensive ways to
help keep the heat inside your home (aluminum siding, attic insulation), and
you should most likely do those things too, especially if you live in colder
climates. But window treatments, believe it or not, do a great job of
insulating your home. Certain blinds and shades trap expensive heat in, just as
they block solar heat in the summer. Plus, there are some new, exciting, and
innovative products on the horizon that you’ll want to know about for even
better insulation!

First, take
stock of what you already have. A good rule of thumb is that shades, which are
made from a single piece of material that can’t tilt open and closed, are
better insulators because heating and cooling can’t escape through the slats.

There are a
few shades that I highly recommend for home insulation:

  1. Blinds.com
    ComforTrack 3/8” Double Cell Blackout Shade
    : The ComforTrack products
    at Blinds.com are approved for federal tax credit, meaning that because
    they are so energy efficient and help reduce energy spending so much, the
    government is actually going to give you a refund for putting them in your
    home. They are Energy Star approved. The system consists of side tracks
    attach to
    your window frame with magnets. They have specially fitted end caps which,
    along with the notched sides of the shade, minimize energy loss.
    They are available in Light
    too, but the Blackout version will provide total light
    blockage and privacy when you need it.
  2. Blinds.com One
    Day ¾” Single Cell Blackout Shade
    : This shade will not only be made
    for you in record time (one day! seriously.) but the cells are lined with
    mylar. Mylar is a strong but thin polyester that lines the wall of each
    cell, creating a real and noticeable barrier between you and the frosty
    outdoor air. If you’ve ever stood by a window that has no covering on a
    cold day, you know that air can and will seep in through little cracks.
    This shade will prevent that from happening.
  3. Bali
    DiamondCell 3/8” Midnight Double Cell Blackout Shade
    : Another great
    insulating honeycomb shade from one of my fave brands, Bali.
    This shade comes in more colors than you can imagine.
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