How to Create a Migraine Sanctuary with Blackout Shades

Abigail Sawyer | 18 Aug 2015 | Home Tours

We’ve got a new blog that we can’t stop reading – How Does She. Three moms are sharing tips and tricks to answer the question – “how does she?”…balance being a mom, having a job, being healthy, having beautiful home, and so much more.

Alison - How Does She

We were thrilled to be able to help one of How Does She’s authors, Alison, find window coverings that truly have the power to change her life and health. Did you know Blackout Shades are a natural way to relieve migraine symptoms? Find out how!

Blackout Shades Create a Migraine Sanctuary

Alison is a mom, blogger and entrepreneur who has to balance all of those responsibilities while suffering from chronic migraines. Here’s what she had to say about these debilitating symptoms.

Alison Says:

I consider myself a fairly healthy person, but unfortunately, my life has been plagued with migraine headaches. I’m constantly trying to find natural ways to deal with my migraines. I’ve found that laying in a dark room can really help me cope.


For the rest of Alison’s natural migraine solutions, head over to How Does She

The only dark place in my house is the closet and that isn’t exactly the most comfortable ‘room’. I’ve always wanted shades that can darken my bedroom. My bed is so much better to rest in that on the floor. I talked to and they helped me figure out a way to have darkness by using the ultimate blackout cellular shades.


Desinger Help from

Alison started her journey to migraine relief with help from Designer Josh. When he heard that Alison needed complete blackout for migraine relief day or night he immediately thought of our Blackout Shades.

Typical blackout shades block lots of light, but they will always have slight gaps on the side of the window that allow the shade to raise and lower without scraping the window. These gaps can let in unwanted light.


Blackout Shades are different.

They have vinyl side channels that block light gaps and still allow the shade to move smoothly. The shade also has magnets that hold the shade tight to the window sill for complete light blockage. We recommend the Blackout Shade for night shift workers or migraine sufferers like Alison who need complete darkness during the day.

Learn how Blackout Shade offer Energy Star insulation here: The Secret to a Perfect Night’s Sleep.

Alison Says:

I’m a busy mom and entrepreneur who doesn’t have a lot of time, but I always am looking for ways to save time and money. [] worked with my schedule and even sent me free color samples in the mail so I didn’t have to lug all my kids into a store to pick out colors. They have a large selection of styles, colors and fabrics.

Finding Blackout Shades for Arch Windows

Another complication in Alison’s blackout quest was the half circle windows in her bedroom.


Alison Says:

I was nervous about these arch windows and had googled arch window treatments previously to working with  Nothing was coming up that I wanted and I honestly didn’t think I was going to be able to cover them with something that I liked.

Like Alison, many of our customers have arch windows and worry that they’ll be impossible to cover. Never fear! All of’s window treatments are custom made and we have a whole collection of arched window coverings.


Alison Says:

Joshua was super knowledgeable about all the products and knew exactly what would be best for me – even those tricky arch windows. I didn’t know if there were options out there for arch shades.  I thought it was more of a one stop shop.  I was surprised at ALL of the options they had available. Wood shades to cell shades, honeycomb shades to honeycomb blinds and more. Joshua helped me understand the pros and cons of each so I knew which I’d like better! I really am impressed with the large selection of styles, colors and fabrics they have available. Blinds aren’t something that I’m easily impressed by, but these changed my mind!


Alison wanted a unified look, so we were able to find her blackout arch shades in the same fabric as her Blackout Shades. She also wanted to let light into her room when she wasn’t recovering from a migraine, so we got her Movable Room Darkening Arch Cellular Shades which can be raised and lowered.

Alison Says:

  The one I got was a movable room darkening cellular arch shade and IT MOVES!.  I thought previously to working with that it was going to stay permanently covered or not be covered at all.  Look how it turned out…I’m so happy with the way it looks and works!

Want your own arch shades, speak to a Designer and learn how to measure to arch window shades.

Achieving a Perfect Migraine Retreat

Alison and her husband used’s helpful installation videos to hang the shades themselves.

Alison Says:

Installation is easy enough for anyone to do – even of you’re not particularly handy.  There are helpful videos over on their site and you can always call!


Once we got all of our cellular shades installed, I gave it a try in the middle of the day. I closed the door, dropped the shades and was amazed by how dark it was. Now, when I feel a migraine coming on, I know that I can relax in my dark bedroom to help cope.

SO future migraine.  I’m ready for you.  I’d rather you stay away, but I know you’re lurking.


Create a Migraine Relief Space of Your Own

Need a Migraine hideaway or just want to get the best sleep of your life? Get Alison’s look with Blackout Cellular Shades in Pure White with a Cordless Top-Down/Bottom-Up Lift and Movable Room Darkening Cellular Arch Shades in Pure White.

See more of Alison’s window makeover and natural migraine relief tips over at How Does She AND enter to win a $200 Gift Card!


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