15 Unexpected Ways to Decorate with Collections

Abigail Sawyer | 26 Jun 2015 | Trends

Collections may be based on childhood nostalgia or relics from a bygone era that fascinate you. Whatever you collect, what good is it if it’s stashed in a drawer or hidden away in a box?

If you want to know how to display collections, we’ve got 15 ideas for you.

1. Go Monochrome

Simple shelves in the same color at the wall paint will make your collection, like these vintage cameras, really take center stage.

Vintage camera wall display

2. Use a Collection as Decor Inspiration

This homeowner spent years competing her collection of vintage pyrex, so she redecorated her kitchen to match + show it off.

Pyrex Display Kitchen

3. Take Over a Whole Wall

This iron collection-turned-wall-art reminds us of the vintage sewing machines that AllSaints uses in their store window displays.

Vintage Iron Collection Display

4. Group a Small Collection

Give your bathroom an off-beat look by replacing the mirror with a hodge-podge of vintage hand mirrors.

Vintage Hand Mirrors in bathroom

5. Show Off the Tools of Your Trade

This Denver leatherworker dressed up her studio wall with a collection of antique tools.

Vintage Hammer Wall Display

6. Take Pretty Supplies to the Wall

If you’re an avid knitter, why keep all your pretty yarn in a cabinet? Use a few nails to perch skeins in an organic shape on the wall.

yarn Wall display

7. Go Vertical

Whether you’re an active hat collector or just have a lot and nowhere to keep them; a vertical rack will give them a home and double as wall art. Plus, it makes use of the slim wall space many of us have between 2 doors.

Vertical hat Wall Display

8. Use Shadowboxes

This tried and true display method has been around for along time for a reason. Shadowboxes will give your collection a unified look and allow it to fit in with other framed pieces.

brooches collection

9. Paint in a Unified Palette

This homeowner used cuckoo clocks painted in blues and greens to compliment her son’s summer camp themed nursery.

Cuckoo clock display

10. Get Lots of a Something Small

Give a wall some pizzazz with a big collection of small things. You could align them in a linear grid or a more organic shape like these vintage keys.

Key Wall Art

11. Use Slim Wall Shelves

A prized book collection will look so much better when you can see each cover rather than having them all hidden in a  bookshelf. This kind of display would be perfect for a mystery loving kid’s room.

Nancy Drew Book Display

12. Group Like Objects for a Funky Wall Installation

The hairbrushes, hairdryers and hand mirrors pictured here were used to decorate a beauty school, but they’d look just as great in a girl’s bedroom or bathroom.

Vintage Har Dryer Display

13. Toys on Display

Not sure how to decorate a boy’s room? Grab toys from one theme, like the dinosaur figurines here, and perch them on picture ledges.

The trick will just be to get him to put them back on the shelves!

Dinosaur Toy Display

14. Make the Most of a Hallway

Dress up this often hard to decorate space with a collection hung on the wall. We love the farmhouse charm that antique planes bring to this space.

Vintage planes collection wall art

15. Find a Display of the Same Era

A vintage collection calls for a just as awesome vintage pegboard display. Schoolhouse Electric Co. (the retro furnishing giant) founder has a soft spot for old-school flashlights and keeps them on display in his office.

Vintage Flashlight display

Have an Awesome Collection Display?

We want to see it! Send us your photos in the comments or tweet to us @BlindsDotCom.


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