How to Install Wood Blinds and Faux Wood Blinds

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Most people don’t think they can install blinds on their own, but we’re here to tell you that it’s surprisingly easy! Just think about the glow you’ll have after you’ve hung all your blinds and saved hundreds of dollars by not paying a pro to do it! You’ve beat the system baby!

Ready to take on this project? We’ve got a step-by-step guide to tell you how to install wood blinds and faux wood blinds.

Let’s get started!

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Unpack your Blinds + Hardware

All installations start by unpacking your blinds from the box. Open all the boxes you received from before you start. Sometimes the hardware for your whole room is in one box even if your blinds arrived in separate boxes. The video below gives you an idea of what you’ll find in your box, taking a specific look at our 2″ Deluxe Wood Blinds.

These instructions are intended for wood and faux wood blinds that are installed with what we call box brackets (see photo below). There may be some slight variations when installing your blinds, so consult the paper instructions that arrived with your order as well.


How Are You Mounting Your Blinds?

When you ordered your blinds you should have chosen between an inside mount and outside mount. With an inside mount, you hang your blinds inside the window opening. For an outside mount, you hang your blinds on the wall above the window opening. Learn more about mounts.

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Inside Mount

Outside Mount

Inside Mount: How to Install Wood Blinds and Faux Wood Blinds


1. When you unpack your blinds your cords may be stuffed into the headrail. Pull them out, but don’t unwind the cords yet.


2. Place brackets in corner of window opening so that the ‘door’ is facing the room and tilts out or up. Don’t latch the door, but line up your bracket so the door is even with the window edge when closed. If you do accidentally latch the door, open it with a flathead screwdriver.


3. We’ll be placing screws in two diagonal holes on the side of the bracket (not the ceiling). Mark these 2 holes with a pencil. Repeat for opposite side.

screw holes marked

4. Pre drill your holes and insert drywall anchors, if using.


If your window frame is drywall rather than wood, or if your window frame doesn’t have wood behind the drywall, you should use drywall anchors. There is a “hammer in” style (pictured below) that might be included with your mounting hardware, or you can find a “screw in” style at the hardware store.


5. Replace brackets and insert screws with your drill. Repeat for opposite side.


6. Install any included center support brackets in line with your other brackets and slightly off center so they will not interfere with mechanisms in the headrail. Mark holes, predrill and install drywall anchors here as well.

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7. Attach the valance clips to your blinds headrail.


8. With the bracket doors open, slide the blinds headrail into the brackets. Close the doors until they snap.


9. If you have a tilt wand, attach it with to the hook on your blinds headrail.


10. Attach brackets to valance by inserting the notch into valance groove at a 45 degree angle. Twist clip straight to secure.


11. Slide valance clips into wide mouth end of brackets. Slide clips along headrail if necessary to align.


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12. Snap your valance onto the valance clips. Start with the middle and then do either side.


13. Unwind your cords and lower your blinds by pulling your cord toward the center of the window. Pull cord to the outside to stop the blinds.


You’re done! Now pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

Outside Mount: How to Install Wood Blinds and Faux Wood Blinds

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1. When you unpack your blinds your cords may be stuffed into the headrail. Pull them out, but don’t unwind the cords yet.


2. Hold product on wall and mark where you’d like to position it. Make a pencil mark 1/4″ beyond the edge of your headrail. Repeat for opposite side.


3. Use your measuring tape to make sure the distance between your mark and the window opening is even on both sides and that they are level. If not, readjust and make new marks.


4. Align the outer edge of your bracket with the mark. The bracket door should be facing out with the open side to the middle.  Use your pencil to mark two of the screw holes diagonal from each other in the back of the bracket.

mark holes

Do not close bracket doors. If you do, use a flathead screwdriver to pop them open again.

5. Pre-drill holes or gently tap screws in with a hammer to start screw holes.


6. Use drywall anchors if you are not installing your brackets into studs on both sides. Some “hammer in” drywall anchors may be included with your hardware, or you can pick up some of the “screw in” style at your hardware store.


7. Insert screws with drill or screwdriver.


8. If your blind is wider than 60″ it may have come with a center support bracket. Install this in alignment with the other 2 brackets and slightly off center so as not to interfere with any mechanisms inside the headrail. (Install on wall above window opening unlike photo below. Use holes in back of bracket for screws.)

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9. Attach valance clips to the headrail.

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10. With the bracket doors open, slide the blinds headrail into the brackets. Close the doors until they snap.


11. If you have a tilt wand, attach it with to the hook on your blinds headrail.


12. Your valance may require some assembly. Slide the valance clips into the groove in the valance. Position one on each side of the valance. Attach the L shaped plastic pieces to the main valance piece in the same grooves.

edit3-87 edit3-88

13. Slide the valance returns groove onto the plastic piece.


14. Hold the valance up to the headrail. Hook the top of the clip onto the headrail and then press the bottom of the valance in to snap on the bottom of the clip.

15. Unwind your cords and lower your blinds.

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For Blinds On Doors: How to Install Hold Down Brackets

If you are installing your blinds on a door, you may have requested hold down brackets. These pieces hold your blinds to the door so they don’t swing when you open and close the door.

1. Fully lower your blinds and insert the hold down bracket into the hole in your blind’s bottom rail. Hold the bracket against the door and mark the screw holes. Repeat for the other side.

2. Pre-drill your holes and insert the screws with a screwdriver or drill.


3. Lower your blinds and insert your bottom rail into the brackets.


4. If you’d like to raise your blinds, just pop the bracket out of the rail to allow your blinds to move freely.


You’re done! High fives all around! You just saved time and money installing on your own rather than hiring a professional. We knew you could do it 😉

Have More Questions?

If you need more help installing your blinds, we have friendly blinds experts who’d be happy to assist you by phone, email or live chat. You can reach them at 800-505-1905.

You can also find more resources on our installation page, including video installation guides. Also on each product’s page you’ll find PDF instructions specific to that product.

Haven’t ordered yet? Check out our guide – How to Measure for Wood Blinds.

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