Crafty at Home: Melted Crayon Window Garland

Abigail Sawyer | 08 Feb 2013 | DIY Projects


We had some old crayons laying around and Cupid is coming soon! So, we couldn’t resist breaking out the craft supplies for a Valentines Day DIY Video.

If your windows need a little extra prettiness, follow our step by step instructions to make a Melted Crayon Window Garland. You probably already have everything you need at home.  If not, this project will just cost you about $5 at the craft store. This is a great Valentines Day craft for kids to help with, but there are a few steps that should be done my mom or dad. Lets get crafting!

Valentine’s Day Craft: Melted Crayon Window Garland

What You’ll Need:

Melted Crayon Window Garland - Supplies

Crayons in cheerful Valentine’s colors (Use up your old beat up nubs!)
Wax paper
Cheap pencil sharpener (a veggie peeler or plastic knife work great too)
Embroidery floss
Scotch Tape
Kraft paper or brown grocery bags
Old towels
Iron (medium heat and no steam)
Printed shapes or letters to trace (optional)

What To Do:

Melted Crayon Window Garland- How To

1. Cover ironing board (or tabletop) with an old towel to protect it from crayon wax.

2. Tear off a long piece of wax paper and fold in half.

3. Unfold paper and shave (unwrapped) crayons over one half of wax paper with pencil sharpener. Spread shavings thinly and evenly.

4. Fold other half of wax paper back on top of the shavings.

5. Sandwich the wax paper between two pieces of kraft paper.

6. Iron on medium heat with no steam until wax melts and blends together (3-5 minutes).

7.  Allow wax paper top cool for a minute or two.

8. Place printed shapes or letters under wax paper to trace, or cut freehand.

9. Tape letters and shapes to embroidery floss and hang anywhere! They look especially beautiful against a window with natural light coming through.

Melted Crayon Window Garland - Finished Product

More Crafty Fun Coming Soon!

We had so much fun putting together this tutorial that we’re keeping the creativity going with a DIY video series called Crafty at Home. Watch this video on YouTube  and subscribe to our Blinds TV Channel to see more Crafty at Home videos coming soon!

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