How to Stop Flashing Your Neighbors and (Finally) Get Your Windows Covered

Abigail Sawyer | 30 Jan 2014 | Privacy

Chicagoans Kim and Scott bought a very old house, ripped it to the studs, and after months of remodeling are on their way to their dream home. We were first introduced to the couple before they were homeowners and have been following their progress at Yellow Brick Home ever since.


Diving in Head First

This 200+ year old house came to Kim and Scott in a crumbly, closed off, and very orange state. A lot of changes were in store.

Yellow Brick Home Remodel

Who doesn’t love a brown glass chandelier?

The couple took saved a lot by doing a good portion of the demolition themselves. Once everything was stripped down, they handed the reigns over to their trusty contractor. He took on larger projects like jacking up beams to fix a sagging ceiling and they finished up as many and smaller projects as possible on their own.

Yellow Brick Home Remodel

During the DIY demolition they discovered an original arched doorway that had been hidden for decades.

Yellow Brick Home Remodel

Tearing down a dividing wall revealed an original brick chimney that’s now a rustic accent in their open plan office/sitting room.

Yellow Brick Home Remodel

The Big Cover Up

With 6 months of remodeling behind them, Kim and Scott had bigger things to think about that window coverings. However, with 2 large street facing windows, that mean that their lives had been on display to the neighbors for months.

It was time to stop subjecting the neighbors to scenes of lounging in their jammies with large glasses of wine night after night.

Yellow Brick Home Remodel

A year ago they outfitted their condo with double cell shades from and wanted to bring the same bright, fresh look to their new home. They loved the crazy insulation the shades offered against blustery Chicago Winters.

Yellow Brick Home Remodel

With two very wide windows, they used three separate shades that aligned with the window’s sliding panes.  A top-down/bottom-up lift allows them to let in natural light, while sparing the neighbors at eye level.

With no decorative molding, Scott and Kim’s windows have a very minimal look. They painted the walls a soft grey, but left the inside of the frame white. This gives the windows extra sharpness that’s a perfect fit for the crisp pleats of the cellular shades.

Yellow Brick Home Remodel

Get The Look:

Kim and Scott chose the 3/8″ Double Cell Light Filtering Shades in Glacier, a cool clean white. Cellular shades are the perfect fit for a minimalist space like this, but they also layer beautifully under draperies for a more traditional look.

Hear the story from Scott and Kim’s mouth at Yellow Brick Home AND enter to win a $150 Gift Card!

All photos courtesy of Yellow Brick Home. 
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