How to Stop Window Drafts with Insulating Window Shades

Abigail Sawyer | 14 Jan 2014 | Cellular Shades

Got old windows that are letting icy drafts into your home? Windows can be a huge contributor to heat loss and energy inefficiency at home. Learn how to insulate windows from cold with this brand new insulating shade.


New! Ultra Insulating Window Shades

Give your windows ultimate insulation with our Triple Cell Shades. These shades will help you save energy and stay comfortable year-round. With the added insulation, you’ll see savings on heating bills in the winter and air conditioning bills in the summer.


Triple Layer Insulation

The hexagonal cells create air pockets that greatly reduce heat transfer between your home and the outside climate. The more cells you have – the more insulation your get. Customers choose triple cell shades when they need extra temperature control.

Ultra Insulating Triple Cell Shade from

Insulating Tip: If wintertime insulation is what you need, cover large openings like sliding glass doors and picture windows – that’s where heat escapes most. For relief from summer heat, cover east and west-facing windows which get the most direct sunlight.

Serious Bang-For-Your-Buck

The thing we love most about the Ultra Insulating Triple Cell Shade is the price. (Did we mention that they’re the most inexpensive triple cell on the market?)

Ultra Insulating Triple Cell Shades from

Upgrade from double cell fabric for only $2 more and get the same sleek look with an extra layer of insulation.

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Insulating Window Blinds with Top Features

Choose Top-Down/Bottom-Up and allow light in the top of the window while protecting from heat and cold at the bottom. A cordless lift will allow you to adjust your shade effortlessly by hand. Combine these two popular options for sleek, effortless look.

Top-Down/Bottom-Up Cellular Shades

Try Them For Yourself!

Shop Ultra Insulating Triple Cell Shades and get seasonal protection for your windows. Order free fabric samples to see colors and textures in person.

Tip: Triple cell shades are slightly deeper than typical shades. Make sure you have at least 2″ of window depth to allow the shade to be fully recessed. 

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