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Rachel Gill | 07 Jun 2013 | DIY Projects

We’ve Got a Blog Crush…

Young House Love is a blog by a DIY couple, Sherry and John, who have transformed their home one step at a time while on a budget. After four and a half years of dedicated renovation they have moved – and are going to start the design process all over again. They are beautifying the world one house at a time.

Here’s a Peek at Some of Our Favorite Posts:

Don’t worry, no butterflies were harmed in the making of this artwork. Much as they come to life, these faux-butterflies were made from a print-out. In a shadowbox, they create a sophisticated yet whimsical piece of art. They look so realistic they could fool just about anyone.

Butterfly Shadowbox on Shelf via Young House Love

Butterfly Shadowbox via Young House Love

Sherry and John show how they refinished a Veneer Dresser and turned a $20 Craigslist bargain into a timeless piece of furniture. Sometimes all you need is a little paint to really spruce something up. The dark color of the stain added a gorgeous, rich color to the dresser that looks fantastic.

Refinished Dresser via Young House Love

Refinished Dresser via Young House Love

Would you believe that these beautiful built-in bookcases were a DIY project that only cost $10? After arranging the shelving and figuring out the design, Sherry and John painted the back of the bookcase for a pop of color. With the bargain knick-knacks they found to furnish the shelves, their room took on a total transformation.

Painted Built-In via Young House Love

Painted Built-In Bookcases via Young House Love

For more from Young House Love you can even check out the home decor book that the couple has just recently published!


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