Maintenance Tips to Winterize Your Home

Rachael Sneed | 12 Jan 2016 | Seasonal Trends

The coldest part of winter is still ahead of us, so if you haven’t bundled up your home against freezing temperatures, start now! Here are a few tips for keeping your home insulated so you don’t lose heat and pay more for electricity than you should.

Switch to Insulating Window Coverings


Heat can be lost through the window panes of your home. Energy efficient shades, like these Super Insulated Triple Cell Shades, can help keep heat in to minimize the work of your furnace. Cellular shades are great for giving a home increased insulation and efficiency. Their air pockets form a barrier between your home and the outside temperatures that still let in natural light that filters in your home.

Stop Air Leakage from Outlets + Switch Boxes


Outlets can leak heat from your home as well. You can use inexpensive socket sealers over your outlets to prevent heat from exiting your home. Socket sealers are also great for making your home safer for kids! For more information on child safety, be sure to check out our Top Tips for Childproofing Your Home!


Be sure to fill in air gaps around outlets and switch boxes as well. There are often small gaps between drywall and electrical boxes that can cause leaks and energy loss.

Make a DIY Draft Snake


Drafts from doors and windows can keep your home chilly, but draft snakes are a great way to keep in the heat and are very easy to make with fabric and anything that will help mold it to the shape of your door like rice, cotton or dried beans.

Check + Replace Weatherstripping


Weather strips are also a great way to prevent drafts. Place them on door frames and the bottom of windows to prevent leaks. These are also inexpensive costing less than $5 a roll.

Fill Exterior Window Cracks with Caulking


The outside of your home is just as important as the inside. Check for cracks outside your window that can cause drafts. Caulking around cracks in a window frames and baseboards will prevent air leaks.

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