Manly Christmas Decorations

Eddy Rivas | 14 Dec 2012 | Seasonal Trends

manly christmas decorating 101

Apart from shopping, gift-giving and consuming more sweet treats than any human body is able to gracefully endure, one of the best staples of the holiday season would be Christmas decorating. But what if you’re not into the traditional look of red-and-green everything, tinsel that sparkles like a Twilight character and colored lights so bright you could direct a 747 down into your driveway? For anyone trying their hand at a balanced, modern and more rugged approach to the season, here are some ideas for more manly Christmas decorations.

The Rustic Christmas

One key to adding a dash of gender equality to the Yuletide cheer is the use of natural, earthy touches and colors that will make your space feel like it’s connected to a simpler time. You don’t even need a DeLorean, just a few simple everyday items.

Hanging decorations like wreaths with old belts is one way to put a masculine touch on an old tradition. And speaking of wreaths, there are a number of ways to give the typical Christmas greenery a more rustic flavor.

Simple objects, especially mechanical ones, can be combined with greenery to create a unique decoration. Take this pulley wreath, for instance.

What outdoorsman doesn’t have a few spare antlers lying around? Whether you live in a cabin or an apartment, an antler wreath will connect your home to the great outdoors. This even works as a touch for your Christmas tree. And speaking of trees…

The use of tubs, metal coolers, minnow buckets, or wooden crates can all give the bottom of your tree a more masculine look and feel.

But really, your best friend of all for the more rustic Christmas would be burlap. Use it under the tree, as part of a wreath, for stockings, or even get larger labeled burlap sacks instead of gift boxes for your family.

The Modern Christmas

But if you’d rather go more modern than rugged for your manly Christmas look, a simple trick to creating extremely memorable Christmas decorations is to use the iconic shapes of Christmas — stars, trees, wreaths, ornaments — and re-create them with simple objects. These decorative pieces will find a perfect home in your man cave, your bachelor pad or in the family room.

Here’s a simple wooden Christmas star, wrapped with lights. It’s a nice decoration for the mantle, but could also work on top of the Christmas tree. Another variation would be a star made with twigs, or even a big concrete star could be a bold centerpiece.

A driftwood Christmas tree is just one of many ideas to utilize the Christmas tree shape.

This Christmas tree was created with a tomato cage. The shape could also be made with lights on a wall, stacks of books, twigs and twine, cowhide and old leather. Get creative and find something you already have around the home.

Mix modern and vintage by pairing a cutting edge utilitarian fireplace with rustic milk crates for firewood storage.

Create Your Own Manly Christmas

For more ideas on how to spruce up your manly spaces for Christmas, check out these great boards on Pinterest.

Rustic Christmas
Modern Christmas

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