Manly Wall Art That's Not A Scarface Poster

Abigail Sawyer | 11 Apr 2014 | Trends

Man cave decor doesn’t have to be limited to cheezy neon signs, old posters and a La-Z-Boy. We’ve come across some manly wall art ideas that guys will think are awesome, and more design savvy friends and family won’t cringe at.


First Up – Fishy Business

Many bedeck their walls with big taxidermied sea-dewllers. If you’re not an accomplished deep sea fisherman, you can still get the nautical look with a painted version. We love this marlin painted right on wood planks.

Man Cave Office

We can’t explain why this giant catfish painting makes us so happy. This whiskered guy is the perfect fit for an eclectic seating area.

Eclectic Living Room

Give Your Room an Aerial View

An off-center window gets some balance with a series of satellite photographs. To get the look, scour Ebay for interesting vintage maps or photos. Choose some from the region you live for an even more conversation starting display.

Bachelor Bedroom

Want a high style feel on practically no budget? Prop your bed up on pallets, paint one accent wall, and hang a large map as a headboard. Extra pallets serve as simple side tables.

Manly Map Bedroom

Show Off A Collection

Collectors love hunting down rare and interesting additions. Let others share the excitement behind your years of collecting by showing off all of your finds! This license plate covered powder room is something that visitors will never forget.

License Plate Bathroom

Even if your collection is small, it can still make a big impact. These antique shaving mirrors reinvent the typical bathroom mirror. The rustic, beat-up quality makes them a little more awesome too.


Wouldn’t it be a shame if these vintage G.I. Joes were hidden away in a box somewhere? Simple shelves give the walls structure, and allow these collectibles to be enjoyed even more.

Vintage G I Joe Display

A full-wall model train display gives this room all the color it needs. Pairing vintage finds with modern, clean furniture is a foolproof combination.

Vintage Train Display


Check out these ideas for displaying collectibles.

Wild Kingdom

You may think that mounted trophies are a little cliche for a man cave, but with a large number in a symmetrical pattern, the look is completely fresh. Mix in a few exotic (faux) trophies like a rhino and emu to make guests look twice.

Man Cave Living Room

Rather than the typical crossed swords or gun rack in an outdoorsman’s space, why not mount antique bows and arrows? Enlarge a vintage hunting photo as a statement-making art piece.

Wild Game Room

The Most Manly Window Covering of Them All

Our top pick for man cave windows are wood blinds with cloth tapes. This style has been popular since the days of the founding fathers, and will give modern spaces a nostalgic feel.

Wood Blinds With Cloth Tapes

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