Masterfully Mismatched Curtains

Phoebe Pinder | 25 Aug 2015 | Trends

A surprising trend we’re seeing in the decor world is mismatched curtains. Don’t let the word “mismatched” scare you off! A tasteful look can be achieved with strategically contrasting patterns.

Pick one print and pair with several matching solids.

How pretty is this turquoise and orchid combo.


Via: Pinterest

Choose two prints of a similar scale + era.

We love this bold 70s vibe.


Via: Apartment Therapy

Alternate patterns.

These traditional patterns aren’t edgy at all but add just the offbeat touch this space needs.


Via: Apartment Therapy


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Choose two solid colors that compliment each other.

Rainbow brights add life to this stark space.


Via: Apartment Therapy

Backfill empty wall with curtains in a few patterns.

Mix one solid colored textured curtain with a simpler pattern.


Via: A Thoughtful Place

Choose reminiscent patterns with slight variations.

What could be cozier than these quilted prints?


Via: Gypsy Purple

And finally… bring this look into the bathroom with mismatched shower curtains!

When you can’t choose between two shower curtain patterns – why choose?


Via: Emily Henderson

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