Solar Shades for Every Season: Love the Outdoors Again

Evie Sweeten | 08 Sep 2014 | Solar Shades

All new Outdoor Solar Shades from help you reclaim your patio from scorching summers! These shades look great and help you control privacy and light for every part of your home.

solar shades


The Outdoor Solar Shade is great because with 12 colors and 5 privacy levels, it can suit any patio. The privacy options range from 1% to 14% openness, one having the tightest weave and most private. For example, the shade above has a 5% openness.  Other upgrades for this shade include going from a chain control to a cassette valance that has a matching fabric insert.

Though these shades are great at keeping out heat, they are also great year-round. They offer outstanding privacy, great for backyard bonfires and barbecues throughout the year.

If you want a durable shade to suit your outdoor needs, the Outdoor Solar shade is for you. All of the pieces on this shade are made of rust proof materials to guarantee a long use. By blocking some of the sun’s rays, your patio becomes cooler and you slow down the fading of outdoor furniture.

Share with us how you use as  solar shades as a finishing touch on your outdoor decor in the comments. 


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