New Year's Home Decorating Resolutions

Katie Laird | 02 Jan 2015 | Seasonal Trends

It’s fun to make GIANT lists of New Year’s resolutions; but who really knocks them all out each year?  Instead, here are a few home decorating resolutions you can commit to throughout the year without blowing your mind or your budget – follow our Pinterest board for even more ideas:


One of our favorite ways to jazz up a room for under $50 is by investing in a fun pillow (or three).  Did you know that for many fabrics, you can custom order pillows to match your custom draperies on


Give a little decorative boost to some of your most treasured memories this year by framing and hanging old drawings, kiddo artwork and other mementos.  Be creative!!  House keys, coasters from your favorite pubs on vacation, stickers, event fliers, concert tickets and so many other items could add a beautiful and personal touch to even the smallest of spaces.  Frame it, baby!


It’s impossible to see how great your house is looking in the new year if the clutter blocks the best views.  Fall into a new 2015 habit of taking 5 minutes a day to pick up the clutter and return those books, shoes, dishes and mail back to the correct places.


Dig up that old dresser you’ve been hiding in the garage or the nightstand that you’re secretly embarrassed by and challenge yourself to make it something special again!  Worst case scenario?  It looks a little better when you try to sell it on Craigslist.


Just a touch will do in rooms like the kitchen and powder room – bring an extra splash of color and fun patterns by replacing your cabinet door pulls or knobs, just for fun!


Do you visit art galleries for the sole purpose of daydreaming about a future art collecting career?  Double your current collection by swapping some decorative touches with friends for a month – you might be surprised at what they’ve got lurking in their closets that will really complement that foyer of yours!


Go crazy for holidays this year!!  Changing up your decor seasonally is a great way to keep your space fresh and fun to walk into every day – even just a new wreath, a different table cloth or small accents on your mantle can be fun additions!


Who says book shelves are just for books?  Use your book cases as a display area for family photos, housing your collections and showing off your awesome taste in Japanese vinyl toys and Pez dispensers.


We’ve all lived in that house or apartment with THAT room – the dark one that no one really likes to hang out in.  You know the one.  Reclaim that living space with a fresh lamp, brighter bulb or light filtering cell shade to let the sunshine in.


There’s no excuse for ugly storage and organization!  Thanks to the pervasiveness of Washi tape, funky organization baskets / boxes, label makers and spray paint – you can get excited about staying organized and looking awesome while you’re at it.

What are your top Home Decorating Resolutions for the year?  Find out more of our decor wish list on our New Year’s resolutions for the home Pinterest board.

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