How To Replace Lost or Broken Valance Clips for Wood Blinds or Faux Wood Blinds

Jessica Cruz | 14 Mar 2017 | Repair

How To Attach a Window Valance Without Clips?

There’s nothing worse than a bare head rail creating an eyesore when you look at blinds. The simple addition of a valance instantly gives your blind a finished look.

The valance is a decorative piece of trim that attaches to your headrail with plastic clips. The problem most people face is trying to find replacements for the valance clips if they break or get lost. You might discover your local hardware store doesn’t carry the ones you need and ordering replacements isn’t always possible, especially if your blinds are more than a few years old.

Don’t worry all hope is not lost! We have two easy solutions to getting the valance back on.

  • Magnets will snap on to the metal head rail. Glue them to your valance and position it in place. Its best to get magnets that have a strong magnetic pull to support the the valance and avoid it from slipping down the metal head rail.
  • Velcro is easy to attach and re-positionable. Attach self-adhesive Velcro to the valance first and press the other strip onto the valance.

It’s important to choose a method that allows the valance to be removed easily. If you permanently adhere the valance to the blind using super glue or another method, you won’t be able to remove the blinds for painting or cleaning and they will be very difficult to uninstall.

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