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Abigail Sawyer | 03 Jan 2013 | Seasonal Trends

Home Design New Years Resolutions

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After the rush of the holidays, December 31st can sneak up on you. Many of us wrack our brains to come up with heartfelt and realistic resolutions as the ball is dropping, but don’t let the NYE pressure get to you. If redecorating is on your radar for 2013, we’ll help you get to the heart of your wishes for your home, and give you tools to make them a reality.

Start with the Spaces You Love

If you know your home is due for a design refresh but are at a loss for where to start, ask yourself these questions:

  • Where do I spend the most time?
  • What piece have I been meaning to replace for years?
  • What areas do I steer guests clear of?
New Years Resolution- create a coffee bar!

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Focus your new found design motivation on projects that you can realistically accomplish, and ones that will give you joy on a daily basis. If you fall asleep dreaming about your morning cup of joe, why not devote some time to building a stylish new coffee bar? A pretty set up will make your mornings a little brighter and will be a fun treat for guests.

Whether it’s a reading nook or your back porch – focus your first project of the year on your favorite space and you’ll build momentum to get to the tasks you’ve been putting off.

Smile At Your Surroundings

Styling your home isn’t just for looks, it can truly help create a happier abode. Making a few simple changes can do a lot to alter your state of mind and shape the impression that guests are left with.

Start by surrounding yourself with things you love. Line your most frequented path with items that give you the warm fuzzies. Hang your favorite family photos along the stairway, place a trio of vintage figurines in the kitchen window or keep a pretty vase filled with fresh blooms on your nightstand. Take a nod from feng shui and intentionally keep the energy positive in your home.

The converse goes for items that bring bad thoughts to mind. Is the to-do list on the fridge making you feel guilty every time you reach for the milk? Stash it in a drawer instead. Bills scattered on the kitchen table upping your stress level? Give yourself more peace of mind by sorting them in a file folder. We’re also giving you permission to donate the lamp you hate – even if it was a gift from a well meaning relative.

Live With Less

New Year's Resolution - Simplify Your Life

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Add a little more serenity to your home by reducing clutter. Over the course of the year, even the most organized among us accumulate junk mail, travel tchotchkes, and odds and ends we might use one day.

What areas should you hit first? Think about the surfaces that have piled up so high that they’re hard to clean, the bulging closets you steer guests away from, and the junk drawers you’ve blocked out of your memory.

Choose a small area to tackle so you won’t get overwhelmed. Throw out or donate things you can stand to part with. Among the things that remain, ask yourself if you are able to appreciate each item individually or if too much is competing for attention. If you’re a “keeper” like many of us, (not a hoarder- there’s a difference)  you can stash most of your collection away and showcase a few items at a time throughout the year.

Find the Right Fit

New Year's Resolution- Get What You Need

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When you do make purchases for your home this year, take the time to find the right pieces so you won’t be on the market for a replacement in a year. Ask yourself what function you want to get out of each room. Peacefulness, energy, conversation starters, functionality? Take these goals into account when you make major decorating decisions.  Save up for better quality items, and give your search the time and effort it deserves.

Start Over


New Year's Resolution - Start From Scratch

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Make decorating and organization projects more manageable by taking them one room at a time. Choose a room to focus your full attention on and “move out.” This will allow you to start fresh, like when you move into a new home.  When the space is completely empty you will have more freedom to see it in a new way and can bring back only the things you want to keep around. This tactic also works well for smaller clean-out projects in drawers and closets.

Treat Yourself

New Year's Resolution- Give yourself an upgrade

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This year, resolve to give yourself a much deserved upgrade somewhere. Make your favorite place in the house a little bit better by bringing in the perfect reading lamp or a cozy new bathmat. It’s the little things that help create a happy home.

Find Your Resolution!

Here are a few more new years decorating resolutions we love:

  • Keep a pair or scissors in every room of the house
  • Finish one project before starting the next
  • Take more risks with color and pattern
  • Keep things fresh
  • Find inspiration from travel
  • Buy more fresh flowers

We hope you are feeling empowered to take on the home design projects this year has in store!  Leave us a comment and let us know what you’ll be working on during 2013.

Happy New Year!


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