Scandinavian Style Christmas Trees DIY

Abigail Sawyer | 09 Dec 2015 | DIY Projects

Want to add some modern scandinavian flair to your holiday decor? We love the angular gorgeousness of these DIY Balsa Wood Trees. Whether unfinished or embellished, they look fabulous. Plus, they don’t scream Christmas so they can easily carry over to winter decor after the holidays are over.

Here’s what you need:


How to Make Balsa Wood Christmas Trees

Take your piece of balsa wood and trace the triangle for your tree. We had these small pieces on hand, but you can make yours as large as you like.

We marked the center of the short side and then drew lines to the bottom corners to create a triangle.


Use your ruler and exacto knife to cut along the lines.


Repeat steps to cut out a second triangle.


Measure the height of your triangles and mark the center.


Use your exacto knife to cut a notch from the bottom of one triangle to the center mark. In the other, cut from the top to the center mark. Your notch only needs to be as wide as the thickness of your balsa wood.


Fit your triangles together by sliding one slot into another. That’s it for making a basic tree! Easy – right?


How to Make 3 Piece Balsa Wood Trees

3 piece style

Cut 3 triangles of the same size + cut slots as shown below. This doesn’t have to be super scientific. You can eyeball things and adjust after you see how the pieces fit together.

3 piece

Fit the first 2 pieces together.


Fit the last long slot piece diagonally between the two assembled pieces.




If you like a natural look, make plain balsa wood trees of many shapes and sizes and group them together.


How to Embellish Your Balsa Wood Trees

Want to add some pizzazz to your trees? Here are ideas to take your trees to the next level.


Glitter Balsa Wood Trees

Start by tracing your triangles on glitter paper. We’re using self adhesive glitter paper for easier clean up. Cut out your shapes and stick them on one or both sides of your balsa wood. You can also do glitter on half of each triangle for a mix and match look.


Use your craft knife to cut the slits out of the glitter paper.


Assemble the pieces and you’re done!


Striped Trees:
We used glitter tape in black to create stripes on our trees. You can also create stripes with paint or markers.


If you use tape, trim any out of your slits with the exacto knife.

Assemble + enjoy!


Angular Paint Embellishment

Use a paint pen or regular paint to give your trees an angled top embellishment. Repeat on both sides.


Don’t these look like little snow capped mountains?


Style your trees any way you like – on a table top, mantle, or tie a string through them to make ornaments!

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