Customer Service FAQ: Adjusting Your Blind Height

Benjamin Serven | 20 Mar 2015 | Repair

Is your blind or shade too long? Check out this quick post that will save you some headache, and get your window treatments back where they belong.


You’ve been waiting. Waiting patiently. So patiently, your picture shows up next to the definition of patience on Google.

Wait a sec. Is that the FedEx delivery guy you saw walking up to your door?!? It is! It might be… it just might be those fantastic new blinds you got from your friends at!

You eagerly snatch the package from the doorstep, rip open the top, attach the brackets, and mount the blind! It looks so good, you can’t even believe it yourself…. hold on.

Is it just you, or is that blind hanging down a little longer than it’s supposed to?!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!


Never fear! Customer Service to the rescue!

What Do I Do?

While your shade might be hanging down a little longer than you expected, it’s a cinch to fix. All you need is 10 fingers, 10 toes, and an IQ above 160.

OK, skip that last part. Anyone can do this. 

Since your window covering is already up in the window, the majority of your work is done. All you need to do is adjust the cords a bit.

How to Fix Window Shades That Are Too Long

First, raise or lower the shade to your desired height, and lock it in place by angling the cord toward the center of the shade. Mark the cord with a pencil right where the cords enter the headrail.

Next, locate the stopper bead or “equalizer”(see picture below) attached to the pull string and disconnect it so that you have access to cord ends.

Lastly, untie the knot, and re-knot the strings at the spot you’ve previously marked on the string. Then cut the strings just below the knot, and re-attach the equalizer.


How to Fix Blinds That Are Too Long

Blinds, while different, are far from complex. Blinds have cord stoppers that are tied in to the lift cord. All you need to do is loosen the knotted strings (see picture below), adjust the bead to the desired location, and then tighten the cord over the stopper bead. This applies to wood blinds, faux wood blinds, and even mini aluminum blinds.


Still confused?

Take a look at this breakout list of equalizers and stoppers, or give us a call at 1.800.505.1905 and our award winning customer service team will help you get the shade in working order.

Bali Twist Equalizer 3.18.15 Blind Cord Stoppers 3.18.15 Egg Equalizer 3.18.15

****If your blind or shade is covered by the SureFit Guarantee, then your item can be remade at a corrected height! Not sure if you’re covered? Take a look at the SureFit Guarantee to find out more. ****

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