5 Home Privacy Tips + Real Window Makeover

Abigail Sawyer | 28 Aug 2013 | Privacy

If you’re a parent, you know that privacy and security become a much bigger priority with little ones around. One of our favorite bloggers Kim Delatorre, writes at Shop with Me Mama to help deal-savvy moms save money for their family across the country. With three kids under 8, Kim knew she needed to get her windows covered for peace of mind and safety.

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Here’s what Kim had to say:

“I cannot stand windows without blinds, I feel like the world can stare at me and that is not a good feeling! Not in my home! I want privacy!!!”

Shop With Me Mama Blinds Review

Privacy and Style with Sliding Glass Door Blinds

She first focused her attention on blinds for sliding glass doors that look out on the backyard. Kim chose the Blinds.com Brand Faux Wood Vertical Blinds in a beautiful Maple Stain. These subtly textured blinds give you the look of wood with increased durability and no risk of warping.

“[There are] two are sliding glass doors that had yucky, white blinds on them and I hated them!! They allowed soo much light in, even when they were closed AND they got sooo dirty! 
“The ordering process was absolutely painless. Customer service is beyond wonderful and QUICK! The vertical blinds are faux wood, but still just beautiful! They are bendy, which is great, because I have little kids running into them constantly. They block light when I watch movies during the day and in the morning I don’t have the baby waking up! Plus, they keep the heat out and I am curious to see how well they keep the cold OUT when winter gets here!!”

Glare Control Over the Kitchen Sink

No one likes to stare into the sun while washing up! Kim gave her kitchen window light control and style with Blinds.com Brand 2 1/2″ Shutter Style Wood Blinds. With free samples in hand, she found a stain that matched her existing trim perfectly.

“My blinds arrived in record time, which I can always count on from Blinds.com. I had my hubby install them THAT night. I could not wait to  have my windows looking pretty!! I was so excited! The window blinds above my sink are real wood. They are beautiful and I love the color that I chose.

“I am very happy with our new blinds and now I can feel at peace knowing that I have my privacy and know peering eyes can peer feverishly into my home! It is a GOOD feeling!!  I also really like that when my blinds arrive, I know they will fit my windows, because of the SureFit Guarantee!”

Read Kim’s full Blinds.com review at Shop With Me Mama.

5 Ways to Increase Privacy At Home:

Feel like you’re living in a fishbowl? Add privacy and security for your family with these tips.

How to Increase Privacy at Home

1. Cover Up Windows – Shades are the most effective way to maintain privacy and peace of mind at home. Light filtering fabrics available in roller shades, cellular shades, and roman shades will give complete privacy without losing light.

2. Install a Fence – A 6-foot solid board fence is the best design for privacy, and the quickest to install. This is a great solution for privacy in narrow side yards.

3. Plant for Privacy – Create a layered look by choosing taller shrubs or grasses close to your house and then perennials in the foreground. This staggered look adds aesthetic depth and privacy. Planting deciduous trees is a good way to block prying eyes from second story windows.

4. ‘Green’ Window Coverings – Install a trellis and plant climbing vines outside a window that’s highly exposed to outside views. Vines will offer privacy without blocking all light, and give organic beauty to your home’s exterior.

5. Use Fountains to Muffle Noise – Create outdoor “noise cancelling” by installing a fountain. Choose a fountain that’s just loud enough to muddle conversations, and is proportional to the size of your yard.

Have home privacy tips to share? Tell us in the comments below!

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