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shopping for blinds, shades, shutters and draperies, have you ever felt
overwhelmed by the different ways you can now customize your products? As more
and more people turn away from standard cut down blinds that don’t allow you to
get everything you want, they’re learning that there are a bevy of great
upgrades and features that should be considered before making a purchase. Here,
we’ll outline a few of the most popular and top rated options available on a
lot of products:

Choosing cordless blinds and cordless shades instead of corded ones has a
number of great benefits. First, the absence of cords creates a sleek, clean
look throughout the home. Cordless blinds and shades tend to look less busy, as
the cords can sometimes detract from décor. Cordless blinds and shades are also
the preferred style for homes with small children and pets. Safety in the home
is an issue that we never tire of talking about here at The Finishing Touch,
and installing all cordless products in your home is a great place to start.
Never place corded blinds and shades near a child’s bed or crib, and make sure
that any cords you may have are tied down to the wall and have safety breakaway
tassels on the ends.

top down bottom up blinds

Down / Bottom Up:
28% of customers who order cellular shades select
this option. It is incredibly popular, allowing shades to raised and lowered in
either direction to allow for privacy similar to that of a cafe curtain. They
allow light to come into the room while maintaining privacy. Some of’s most popular cell shades, like the 3/8”
Light Filtering Cellular Shade
, are available with both top down /
bottom up and cordless together.

 Cordless Blinds

Routless is available on almost all name brand wood and fauxwood blinds at S
small notches on either side of the
slat, instead of holes, provide tighter closure to keep out light. Routless allows
you to have a darker room for increased privacy and security. It is also easy
to remove slats for cleaning purposes. In the case of aluminum blinds, there
are holes positioned near the back of the slat so the slat above covers the
route hole to provide exceptional light control and privacy.  Routless also provides a modern, aesthetically
pleasing look.


Cord Loop:
Continuous cord loop is a great option, especially for wider and
heavier shades. It allows you open and close your shade in an easy, fluid manner.
By choosing CCL instead of the traditional style lift, you get rid of dangling
cords that are not as child-safe. They’re also cleaner and sleeker in
appearance than traditional cords. It eliminates the traditional dangling cord,
adding child safety and a neater appearance. A unique clutch mechanism holds
the shade at the desired height.
9% of our customers order this option overall. But a much higher percent do so
when they order large shades which tend to be heavier.

Motorization is perfect for the tech lover in your. Raising and lowering with
the touch of a button, motorization is available on many different shades as
well as some blind. It is incredibly popular and growing in popularity this
year. It’s sleek, modern, and fun, but also perfect for those windows that are
hard to reach.

you’re confused about any of the other options available on window treatments,
let us know in the comments below, or ask about them on Twitter here.


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