Throwing Your Best Halloween Party Yet

Rachel Sloan | 13 Oct 2014 | Seasonal Trends

For kids Halloween generally revolves around candy, for adults, friends and a good time. Halloween parties are a great way to get people together and celebrate more than walking kids around the block for an hour. But there are just a few must-haves that cannot be forgotten.

Decorating for one night can be a hassle but we found secrets that simplify the process and give equal results.


Spooky window decorations work double time as indoor and outdoor décor and are effective for both daylight and nighttime (so long as you’re home). All this look requires is some black contact paper, scissors, and a little imagination. You can cut out any look you want whether it be a creepy goblin or a friendly monster for the kids and stick it directly to a clean window without fear of residue. If you want more lasting fun you can buy chalkboard contact paper and give the kids endless afternoon activities by drawing expressions on the creatures.

If you are feeling less crafty or in a bit of a hurry you can use black yarn, ribbon, or tape and create cobwebs in your windows . This is a simple effect but still ads a creepy feel.22cf8d35a41921cec5255bed625e845a

The Table is where it is so easy to go crazy with décor!

There are a ton of fun ideas and it’s easy to adjust it to your level of commitment (whether that be this candy corn centerpiece or something much scarier).

Another great way to decorate a table or entry for Halloween is this pumpkin drink holder. All you need is a pumpkin, a spoon to hollow it out, some ice, and your party drinks.ft_oct05msl07_vert

Another great option to decorate an entry way or table is to make these jack-o-lantern jars that hold party favors or candy. If you have old jars or can find some affordable small ones all you need to do is paint them, add a fun face, and fill them up. If you’ve got a little more time you can make these great spider candle holders to add a creepy feel and a warm glow to your party. The supplies list for this DIY decor is mini pumpkins, tea lights, and pipe cleaners.


Food for Halloween can be a ton of fun to make (and just as fun to eat!).


To make spider cookies, just use a toothpick to drag out the legs and you have an adorable snack for all your guests. If you want a little more mature snack at the party (and have a bit more time) you can make these ghost strawberries by dipping strawberries in white chocolate and adding mini chocolate chip eyes. If you aren’t up for such a sweet snack, healthier options can be just as fun- our favorite is this plate of ghostly bananas and pretty pumpkins. All they require is the peeling of fruit and addition of minor candies and the finished look certainly doesn’t lack spirit.


Games are vital if you are having younger guests and we would like to humbly suggest Pop goes the Pumpkin. This fun balloon popping game doubles as wall decor and couldn’t look more enticing. It is easy to set up and entertains until all the balloons are gone.


For more Halloween ideas check out our Pinterest boards for Spooky Windows and Fall Decor here.

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