Toddler Room Gets Pretty Pink Roller Shades - Safer Window Makeover

Abigail Sawyer | 07 Oct 2014 | Child Safety

October is Window Covering Safety Month, so we want you to know that blinds and shades can be safer for kids AND stylish. That’s why all month long we’re sharing stories from real customers who upgraded their windows to safer cordless blinds and shades with little ones in mind.


Princess Style for Toddler Girl Bedroom

Bianca from The Pierogie Mama and her husband are completely renovating the home of their dreams and doing much of the work themselves. Their latest project has been creating the perfect “sister room” for their 3 year old Penny and 6 month old Ruby to share.

The Pierogie Mama Safer Window Makeover

Bianca knew she needed something to cover the large window, and had 4 conditions when she started shopping:

  • Child Safety – “I want to be comfortable with my toddler playing independently in her room for a few minutes while I fix a quick snack or am nursing Ruby down.”
  • Blackout – “With two kids I need to capitalize on full naps and long nights!”
  • Humidity Safe – “We heat our house with a pellet stove, which dries out the air something terrible. Last winter I ran humidifiers in the bedrooms, which can lead possible bacteria build up. The window covering also needed to be either washable or I can wipe it down.”
  • “Last, but not least – it’s got to be cute!”

The Pierogie Mama Safer Window Makeover

With help from designer Josh, Bianca landed on Cordless Laura Ashley Roller Shades in Chesil Print Amethyst and Cream (Discontinued – Try Roller Shades in Bloom Peony)

Bianca Said:

“I love the roller shades because they’re completely cordless. The print is fun, but also something that both of the girls can grow into. It was less than 20 minutes between removing our Bali 2″ Fauxwood blinds (which I love and are on all of our other windows) to installing and using the new roller shades. Installation is a SNAP! The quality is also awesome.”

The best part of the cordless shades is that Penny LOVES them! Watch this adorable video of daddy teaching her how to roll up the shades.

Read more at The Pierogie Mama, including Bianca’s road test of the blackout capabilities.

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