Top 2 Aluminum Blinds & When to Use Them crew | 24 Aug 2011 | Mini Blinds

Aluminum blinds aren’t the cheap-looking throwaway blinds you might remember. Today, aluminum blinds are a great choice for modern homes with modern decor. They block light well, and are generally a low-cost alternative to wood blinds. They make a unique statement: the headrails are contoured, the aluminum is durable and long-lasting, and the colors they come in are many. They’re a great alternative to plastic blinds, and a great choice for large windows because they weigh less than plastic. customers love aluminum blinds from because who are often “surprised at how nice they [are] for such an inexpensive price.” Aluminum blinds are ideal for giving your space that modern loft look, and are often seen in warehouse-style spaces.

Popular uses of aluminum blinds:

1. Loft homes, apartments and warehouse-style homes: A loft apartment refers to large adaptable open space, often converted for residential use, which is why aluminum blinds are a perfect fit for these types of homes. The metal look of the blinds enhances the industrial look and feel of the space.

2. Commercial buildings, like hospitals and restaurants: Aluminum blinds are great for high traffic areas because they are incredibly durable.

3. Retro-style homes: As home decorating styles from the 50’s come back in style,

4. Rooms with lots of sun: Aluminum blinds block light well and protect your home from UV rays.

5. Any high traffic room in your home: They last forever, withstand active kids and pets, and look great for years.

These are two of our best aluminum blinds: 1" Aluminum Mini Blinds: This is the best selling, top of the line alumninum blind available. They’re available in beautiful neutrals and a few unique colors like bronze, royal blue, and black. 2″ Aluminum Miniblinds: The slats are slightly larger on the 2″ Aluminums, creating a more modern look than the 1″. Choose from whites and silvers, as well as peach, blue, and even textured colors. Cloth tapes are a great upgrade available for these blinds.


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