Trend Alert: Natural Roller Shades crew | 02 Dec 2010 | Roller Shades

Bamboo and woven wood shades have always gotten all the attention, touted as the best choices for eco-friendly homeowners looking for organic blinds. Goodness knows I love bamboo shades, but we’ve noticed a measureable increase in people sampling and buying Natural Roller Shades.I predict that these will become a hot design item in 2011.

Natural Roller Shades have flown under the radar, really only purchased by those in the know about window treatments. I’m here today to let you in on this gem of a product, and give you a first look at how these are a different and exciting addition to the genre.

First off, they’re light filtering, meaning they won’t completely prevent light from coming in, but they will block heat and give you privacy. They’re available in lots of different natural materials, like woven woods, but don’t fold up like woven woods do; they roll up like roller shades, virtually disappearing when raised. I see these as the perfect complement to sleek, modern decor. Natural touches like reeds, bamboo, grasses, sisal, and rattan are totally chic right now, and these shades are so cost effective, you’ll be able to easily replace them, should you ever want to (you won’t!).

I love the idea of using these in a sleek, city loft, bringing a touch of the outdoors inside. If you live in a bustling city, invoking nature in your space is a great way to calm down at the end of a hectic day. Lower your natural roller shades and decompress. Don’t we all need that every now and then?

What do you think? Would you use these in your home? It’s important to mention that not all patterns in this collection are natural materials. Order free samples first and compare materials right in your home.


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