Trick or treating safety tips: no bones about it

Katie Laird | 19 Oct 2013 | Seasonal Trends

Halloween safety tips from

You know that we’re all about child safety at; today we’re taking it out of the windows and onto the streets!

As the ghouls, goblins and super heroes emerge from their lairs this year for Halloween, here are a few trick-or-treating safety tips from our candy-loving team:

Be seen by all – Don’t rely on jack-o-lantern light to guide your little ones through the crowd safely:

  • Include white or light colored articles of clothing in your child’s costume if possible
  • Add reflective tape to costumes, shoes and candy buckets
  • Find some fun flashlights and make it a rule to keep them turned on all night
  • Add some glowing bracelets to the Halloween ensemble for even more lit up options

Make a trick-or-treat game plan – with so many friends, neighbors and strangers celebrating the season, here’s how to keep it safe:

  • Practice your child’s trick-or-treat route – help your trick-or-treater remember important streets and agree upon an acceptable house route
  • Safety reminder sessions help – walking on the sidewalks, staying close to friends, accepting only wrapped candy, stranger danger
  • Emergency planning! –  Talk out scenarios (separated from the crowd, injuries, stranger danger) so when / if the time comes, they’ll know how to act and who to call for help.

Keep your home safe for visitors – if you’re sticking close to home to pass out candy, don’t forget these prep steps:

  • Keep your home well-lit –  while a dark imposing house sure is spooky, most parents won’t be too keen on sending their little ghost to your doorstep.  Go creative with creepy lighting and perhaps a welcome sign at your gate.
  • Watch for trip hazards – in the dark, those cute pumpkins may turn into stumbling blocks.  Do a trick-or-treater walk through of your yard, steps and porch before the big night
  • Beware of lit luminaries, candles and jack-o-lanterns – invest in flame-free battery operated candles to avoid the stress of a blustery night (and the costumes dragging behind a neighborhood kiddo)
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