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Help! I Need Blinds to Block TV Glare

It happens to all of us, sometimes you just need a Disney movie marathon, but how can you enjoy The Lion King when you can barely see the screen? Luckily, we know just what you need to block the glare from your TV so you can enjoy and press play.

Our Customer Kristen wrote:

I have a family room in the basement and I would like to minimize the amount of sun light in the room when we are watching TV. Right now we have white vertical blinds that do not block the sunlight enough to keep the glare off the TV. I would like something that looks attractive without having to install curtains. We have dogs that tend to ruin the vertical metal and plastic blinds. Do you have a suggestion?

What We Had to Say:

I have good news for you. Vertical blinds are not the only option when it comes to large windows and glass doors. Although very economical, vertical blinds do not do the best job of blocking light and glare. Imagine being able to watch a movie or TV in the middle of the day… comfortably! It’s possible. There are some excellent options for you to consider that don’t include draperies.

Say Hello to Your New Best Friend:

Meet the 3/4″ Single Cell Blackout Vertical Shadings. Vertical shadings are like cell shades in that they are pleated and open and close in an accordion fashion. The difference is that they open and close horizontally, like a sliding door. This makes them super easy to adjust, just like closing a screen door. They are available in large sizes and are ultra durable. This shade is perfect for TV-lovers since it completely blocks light and glare when it’s closed, allowing you to enjoy your show and kick back with some popcorn.

Another great option is the  Bali VertiCell 3/8″ Cell Blackout. This vertical shade will do the job, and give you a few more color options. Not only do these shades come in blackout fabrics, but they actually absorb sound because of their honeycomb design.

If you have any questions, as always, feel free to call our awesome customer service team at (800)505-1905 or send us an email at We’re here to help!

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