Premium Wood Shutters Finish Home Office Remodel

Rachael Sneed | 18 Jan 2016 | Home Tours

Erin of Meadow Lake Road remodeled her home office, but naked windows left her on display for passers by and with lots of glare that made it hard to work. Erin got the privacy she needed without losing natural light with Premium Wood Shutters.

The Makeover

Erin previously had blackout honeycomb blinds that gave privacy but blocked the natural lighting if she wanted them fully closed. She chose Premium Wood Shutters in Bright White which perfect complimented her room's new look and gave her the versatility she needed.

Erin chose to add a divider rail to her shutters which allows her to close the bottom louvers for privacy and leave the top open for light.

Erin says:

I’ve always loved the classic look of wood shutters and I knew they would be the perfect solution to our problem when I was creating the design plan for our office. Not only are window shutters visually appealing from the inside AND outside of the house, but you can tilt the louvers for privacy while still allowing the sunlight to stream in.

white interior shutters in a home office

The customization of these shutters allows Erin to open them without having an issue of her desk or the wall getting in the way. Traditionally hinged from the right, Erin's shutters were hinged from the left allowing the shutters to open and close without any interference. This change allows her to easily clean the shutters when needed.

open interior shutters in a home office

Although shutters take a longer time to install than other window coverings, installation is still easy.

Erin says:

I honestly have nothing but great things to say about these shutters. They are beautiful, the quality is superb and the installation was a cinch.

To learn more about Erin's remodel, be sure to check out her video review below.

Get the Look!

Erin chose Premium Wood Shutter in Bright White.

closed interior shutters in a home office

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