Outdoor Patio Shades Features

Shades aren’t just for inside your home. Patio shades are a great addition to any outdoor space and provide excellent heat reduction as well as block UV rays and sunlight. These shades are also designed to not block daytime views, allowing you to enjoy your patio without any obstruction.

Durable and moisture-resistant, patio shades are solar shades built to withstand the outdoors. Whether you need them for your backyard patio, beachfront porch, or mountain cabin deck, outdoor shades can help you cut energy costs without sacrificing your view.

Outdoor Patio Shades Upgrades

Interested in upgrading your patio shades? Consider these optional features for further customization:

  • Continuous Cord Loop Controls: Secure the cords of your outdoor shades to a wall or frame and help hide them from view.
  • Cordless: Remove the need for cords altogether and go for a cordless lift option.
  • Motorized: Raise and lower your shades with the touch of a button. Depending on the application, motorization ranges from plug-in to rechargeable and solar powered.

Outdoor Patio Shades Considerations

  • Outdoor shades can be installed not just in windows, but also gaps between posts on a deck, porch, or balcony.
  • Built to withstand the elements, these shades resist mold, mildew, and fading from continuous exposure to the sun.