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If you want to emulate the same style you'd see in a modern cafe, roller shades are your best bet. Simple, elegant and full of design opportunities, classic roller shades are available in the light-filtering or room-darkening variety. Plus, they raise and lower in one smooth, easy motion. Use alone or with complementary window treatments. You can also choose blackout roller shades to block out nearly all light, or solar shades if you want less heat transfer into your home.

Solar shades provide excellent protection from the sun while preserving your view. Often referred to as "sunglasses" for your windows, their ability to cut the glare makes them ideal for media rooms, studies or any sun-facing room where light control is desired. Solar shades protect from the sun in four ways: they protect furniture from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, reduce glare, diffuse light and help control heat gain. For complete privacy, consider a roller shade instead of a solar shade.