Wood Shutters: Simplicity Wood Shutter

Room Name:
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How would you like to mount your shutter?

Inside Z Mount
Order at the size of your window opening. (Does not work with tilt-in
windows. Requires at least 3/4" of flat space around all sides of the window.)

Inside L Frame
Order at the size of your window opening.
Mounting the L Frame inside the window is recommended only when squareness is within 1/4" tolerance. Proceed with caution when selecting this type of installation. Gaps between the outer edge of the frame and the wall or casement may require caulking. Installation will likely prohibit operation of tilt in windows.
Requires at least 2 1/4" of window depth .)

Outside Face Mount
Please ADD 1 1/4" but no more than 2" to all 4 sides of your window opening for your shutter size.
If you have a protruding bottom sill only add to the top and sides.



Does your window sill protrude?
Protrudes                Does not Protrude
Z Mount shutters ordered for a window with a protruding sill will have a narrower flat frame on the bottom.
For a Face Mount , the frame will go straight across the bottom, and you do not need to add the 1 1/4" to the bottom side.

How much depth is in your window frame?
Less than 1 1/4" (choose another product)
1 1/4" - 2 3/8" (required for Face Mount )
More than 2 1/2" (required for Z Mount )

I want my louvers to be:
2 1/2"
3 1/2"
Does your window have moulding or trim around it?
No, my window does not have moulding
Yes, my window does have moulding
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Please choose your shutter configuration

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Divider Rail Option
I want my shutter to have a divider rail .
(Required on shutters 72" or taller)
Things to Consider

Will this shutter be installed next to another shutter of the same style, either on this order or a prior order?.

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Product Constraints:

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