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Blinds.com Celebrates 'Poem In Your Pocket Day' With Window Poems and Fun

Waxing poetic and celebrating creativity makes for a fun and inspiring work day, no matter the industry  

April 26th, 2012 -- Poetry and business collide as Blinds.com (www.Blinds.com) celebrates National Poetry Month’s ‘Poem In Your Pocket Day’ on April 26th, 2012.  The event, founded by the Academy of American Poets (www.poets.org), encourages poetry lovers to print out their favorite poems to share with friends, strangers and colleagues.

“Sharing poetry in the workplace is a fun and engaging way to grow our brains creatively during work hours,” Katie Laird, PR and Social Media Manager of Blinds.com, said.  “Poetry is relevant to a successful business culture in that it helps employees look at big issues in a different way, feel a greater sense of empathy for customers and fire those poetic synapses!”

Blinds.com employees shared their favorite verses with each other, including some original window-related compositions, to be featured online and all throughout the office.  White boards were taken over for group poetry writing sessions and impromptu poetry readings are expected to liven up the work day.

“Our hope is that an employee will run across one of our many poems posted on the walls and white boards of the Blinds.complex  and feel inspired today,” Laird said.  “Just as a great customer service call can make someone’s day shine,  a poignant verse can energize even the most hesitant of poetry lovers better than a cup of coffee!”

The most popular window-related and original Blinds.com poems were compiled into a printed and bound ‘Poem In Your Pocket’ anthology, available for electronic download on the Blinds.com website at:  http://bit.ly/blindpiyp12  Could Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost and Walt Whitman be your next business guides?


Katie Laird
Blinds.com Public Relations Contact
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