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This Room Darkening Honeycomb shade gives you energy efficiency, privacy, and almost complete darkness when closed. Shown in color Cocoa BHBO 012.
Available in 8 best-selling colors and 3 great operating systems: corded, cordless or Top-Down/Bottom-Up (shown).
1/2 inch Single Cell Room Darkening Honeycomb shade with Top-Down/Bottom-Up shown in color Cream.
Top-Down/Bottom-Up is a VERY popular option that allows the shade to be raised and lowered in either direction to allow for privacy. Shown in color Cream.

1/2" Single Cell Room Darkening Shades - SALE

Brand: Blinds.com
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The 1/2" Single Cell Blackout Honeycomb shade provides excellent insulation and privacy while blocking 98% of light from entering your room. Perfect for daytime sleepers, media rooms and windows with ... (read more or see colors)
4.3  out of 5

1/2" Single Cell Room Darkening Shades Blinds.com
4.3  out of 5

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1/2" Single Cell Room Darkening Colors
Cotton BHBO 001
Cotton BHBO 001
Eggshell BHBO 002
Eggshell BHBO 002
Cream BHBO 005
Cream BHBO 005
Alabaster BHBO 004
Alabaster BHBO 004
Grey Sheen BHBO 021
Grey Sheen BHBO 021
Biscuit BHBO 007
Biscuit BHBO 007
Cocoa BHBO 012
Cocoa BHBO 012
Dark Chocolate BHBO 040
Dark Chocolate BHBO 040

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Mix & Match Coordinating Products with 10% Off or 15% Off (with minimum order $595), use code: MATCH10 or MATCH15 at checkout. Expires 4/30/14
  • The 1/2" Single Cell Blackout Honeycomb shade provides excellent insulation and privacy while blocking 98% of light from entering your room. Perfect for daytime sleepers, media rooms and windows with intense sun exposure.

  • Choose from 3 great operating systems: corded, cordless or top down/bottom up.

  • Available in 6 best-selling colors with white to the street side.

  • Available exclusively at Blinds.com.

  • Please note: Inside mounted cellular shades will have a vertical light gap on the edges of the shade of up to 1/4". If you need complete light blockage, consider ordering an outside mount shade to avoid beams of light.

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    Blinds.com 1/2" Single Cell Room Darkening Shades
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    Blinds.com 1/2" Single Cell Room Darkening Shades

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    1/2" Single Cell Room Darkening Shades4.356377
    Black out shades rockI purchased 8 black out up/down shades for the front two bedrooms in my parents house. Each room was purchased at a separate time ~ 6 mo. apart. By the time we ordered the second 4, one of the original 4 had malfunctioned. The customer service help was excellent, agreeing to remaking the defective blind & send it out to us. The only difficulty was that the second 4 blinds appeared to be less sturdy than the first & they had difficulty staying all the way down or up without pulling past the end (they recoiled when pulled to the sills). Hopefully, they will "relax" after some use & this will resolve. I got good tracking info on where my blinds were & when they would arrive during shipping.April 3, 2014
    Good blinds, bad string mounts.I am happy with the service I have received, but of the perhaps dozen blinds I have bought, I have already had to replace parts on three. I'm mechanically inclined,so as long as you send parts its no big deal. But what if my wife had bought them? or my mother in law, neither of them, or most women I know could make the repairs. So they would have to live with defective blinds, unless ya'll send totally new blinds. And regardless its a hassle. All you have to do is to make the plastic parts marginally better. You have spent at least an extra $20 shipping things to me. If I charged you at my standard rate for making the repairs, it would be about three hundred dollars. All this for not spending an extra 50 cent for better plastic parts. The 50 cent saving you are making is costing you 20 dollars and me 300. See the problem?October 6, 2013
    Avoid this productWe bought several of the blinds.com top down/bottom up. We also have levelor and bali in other rooms (from another supplier). The blinds.com brand does not work at all well. They don't lift properly and over time this gets worse so that you can't fully open them evenly. We will have to replace these blinds.These look like a good buy but you get what you pay for. I recommend Levelor. Bali work OK but not as well as Levelor (no, I don't work for Levelor)s.April 2, 2014
    Disappointed with qualityWhen we first moved into our new house we bought a Bali shade for one room and were very pleased with the quality. When we decided it was time to put shades in the other rooms I decided to try to get something a little more affordable. Well, you get what you pay for I guess. While these shades look fairly nice, you can feel the difference in quality whenever you lower/raise them. And one of the plastic cord thingies came broken. I have more rooms to buy shades for and I will go back to the Bali shades instead.March 6, 2013
    bad no cord shadesThe corded shades were fine, but DO NOT pay $35.00 extra for the no cord shade. They were very cheap and not constructed well.April 2, 2013
    Positive experienceI called with my questions about the appropriate window solution for my particular need. I was fortunate to get a gentleman by the name of Christopher Terrell. He was helpful in finding me a suitable solution at the best price. When it came ( although it was less expensive than what I was replacing) it was better all around than what I was replacing. Christopher is my new "Blinds" Dude. :) Thanks!March 10, 2014
    Great darkening shadesAs the description says, these are the cheapest of the darkening shades but they aren't cheap in quality. I have these in both of my kids' rooms and they do a great job of blocking the light out. The only thing I wish they had is a plastic clip on handle like some cellular shades have to help you pull them down. Other than that, perfectDecember 22, 2012
    Great buy!The shades definitely block the light from coming in. Also, the room is cooler when we leave the shades down during the day. I am very happy with my 3rd purchase from Blinds.com.April 29, 2013
    Very happy w/room darkening shadesWe bought 3 single cell shades for our family/TV room. We watch movies that are "dark" in appearance and needed something to take the glare off the TV screen. I fought covering up the windows for a year because I find blinds distracting on windows. These blinds are great - they block the light, they are cordless so there are no cords to mess up our views, they couldn't be any easier to put up and they move up and down with ease. I would slightly tweak the material they are made of but that's about the only change. We are very happy with our purchase.May 13, 2013
    great quality, great valueThe blinds/shades we purchased are wonderful quality for the money. I have paid the same price for poor quality blinds in most home improvement stores. I love the blinds I purchased because they feel sturdy when raising/lowering them...the blackout shades/blinds really darken the room and are excellent for those that need to sleep during the day. Best of all...the blinds/shades are super easy to install. I plan on buying blinds/shades for the rest of my house through blinds.com.June 22, 2013
    great economical blindsThese were super easy to install, were just as advertised and arrived in durable good packaging.I ordered custom sizing so they came from overseas, when I saw the tracking info was stagnant I emailed and got a prompt reply that they were indeed on the way and would show up when they passed customs.these are the discount blinds, they're bulkier than more expensive ones but you can't beat the price. Our room is dark as a dungeon now.I had one thing I thought was a problem, one side would sag when I pushed them up (i got cordless), but then i realized if you push the blind all the way up and hold it for a second it stays up and not saggy.April 2, 2013
    Good blindsBlinds came as expected and work very well in our room. They block the light perfectly. Only issue we had was that the screws were missing from the package so we had to hunt some up. That hasn't happened before, but didn't cause any problems.February 14, 2014
    best everSix windows and not one problem. We were used to ordering through a department store, paying tons and always had some problem. We came to expect reorders. We expected a problem with this order, but were shocked. Every window was perfect. Plus they sent an email later telling us about a new sale on the blinds we ordered, so we contacted them and got a substantial credit. We will never order window coverings from anywhere else. I heard about blinds.com from Rush, Glen Beck and Hannity. I knew I could trust them and they were right!June 27, 2013
    really darken the room!these blinds do a wonderful job of blocking the light through two very bright windows and look nice/quality too. they were cut perfectly and very easy to install.my only complaint is that the pulling mechanism to open the blinds puts a LOT of strain on the top part (as opposed to feeling smooth and easy to open), and they're easy to rip out of the brackets just by trying to open them. you need to pull the chord and push up on the bottom of the blind at the same time.February 26, 2013
    blinds are hard to pull down from the bottom and do not go up fully and the pleats do not fold easily on top.the little clear plastic handles are almost useless. they broke already and so did the replacement you sent me.July 20, 2013
    Extremely satisfiedThese shades are great they darken the room to make watching TV a greater experience and they look great! They cut all the light at night making the room nice and dark for great sleeping!April 2, 2013
    Easiest Installation possible!We are very pleased with our new shades. The installation was so easy. The shades just snapped into the clamps. Beautiful fabric.June 27, 2013
    No Longer SkepticalWe'd heard ads on the radio for Blinds.com for years, and as a natural skeptic, figured it was too good to be true.After checking out the prices at Lowes, Home Depot, etc. we checked blinds.com. Far Less Money.Free samples were great--changed our minds three times. Ordered them, had a little time to wait, and installed eight of them in an hour.They fit, and work perfectly. Cannot recommend too highly.January 29, 2014
    These shades do the job very well.I bought eight of these shades for the four bedroom in our brand new house. In the old house I'd bought the ones from the big box store but because they are not custom fit, they would all bunch up at the bottom and the room darkening inside of the shades would create a large band of near-black at the bottom. I had the builder install them so I don't know about the ease of installation. I chose the shades without the button on the bottom rail to raise them, so it's tricky to get them to sit right at the bottom sill.January 1, 2014
    Room Darkening = Better SleppI am excited about these blinds. My husband hung them a week ago in our bedroom and right away I was pleased with the amount of room darkening they provided. They block the outside light on our street and I had no idea it was 10:30am on the first Saturday I woke up. Before these blinds, I was waking up with the dawn. The cellular design also provides a dramatic amount of insulation here in the snowbelt (and wind) of Ohio. The only concern I have is the amount of wear and tear the cords will take with daily raising and lowering.December 19, 2013
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