Light Filtering vs Room Darkening vs Blackout Shades - What's the Difference?


You've probably heard the term light filtering room darkening and blackout but maybe wondering what's the difference. Well, let's find out as you probably know, these terms refer to how much light a shades material allows to come through, which affects the ambiance of the room and temperature. So let's take a look at how light filtering room darkening and blackout shades differ and which one is right for you? We'll start with light filtering, which allows the most light into the room. A light filtering shade when closed, diffuses light evenly into the room, giving it a soft, warm glow. You can enjoy your room illuminated with natural light while preventing direct views into your room from the outside. Now let's take a look at a room darkening shades which will block most of the light coming into your room about 95%. Your room will be dark but not pitch black room darkening shades dim the room enough so that you can nap during the day or enjoy some television without the glare but won't give you total darkness and that brings us to blackout shades, which provides the most darkness. Blackout shades are made from the material that blocks all incoming light. These are ideal if you're a day sleeper who doesn't want any light in the day or any situation where total darkness is desired, whether it's day or night. One thing to keep in mind is that some shades will have light gaps on the sides to varying degrees depending on the type of shade and how it's mounted. To get a complete blackout effect. Use light gap blockers. These are adhesive strips that attached to the window to block the gaps and thus prevent light from shining through the sides. Make sure to read more about potential light gaps on specific product pages so now that you know which light, if using fabric will suit your needs, be sure to explore our wide selection of quality shades at a great value blinds dot com makes it easy to find your product and complete your purchase at a price. You'll love. Still feel like you could use a little assistance. Call us at 1 800 505 1905 to speak with one of our expert window designers for free is your partner for finding the perfect shade solution for your home.

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