How Your Roller | Solar Shades are Made


When you order from blinds dot com, we don't just pull your product off a shelf. Your window covering is custom made by actual people according to exact specifications. Take a look behind the scenes to see the custom difference in action. Raw materials are shipped to the production facilities every day in order to create the perfect made to order products for our customers. There are many steps in the creation process for each distinct order. Each step is very hands on with precise attention to detail. By working with the latest technology, we're able to achieve the most accurate measurements. This helps reduce waste, allowing to pass on great pricing for our customers. One of the most important steps is quality control. Our technicians take great care when inspecting each and every product. The final step is shipping. Our packers use the utmost care to ensure that your order is secured in place to make its final voyage to your home. We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about what goes into creating custom window treatments, visit blinds dot com today, for all of your window covering needs.

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