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Dual shear shades are unique, modern shades that use alternating fabrics to give you light filtering and privacy material all in one shade. Dual shear shades are similar to sheer shades in that they're made up of two layers of fabric with soft fabric veins in between. However, dual shear shades offer a greater degree of light control because one fabric filters light while the other blocks light and provides privacy. When dual shear shades are fully raised, they completely disappear into the modest headrail, giving you a totally unobstructed view of your window. Dual shear shades come in a full palette of lights and neutral tones to match any decor. In addition to offering a great degree of light control, dual shear shades can be customized with varying slat sizes, meaning they'll look great in large and small windows alike. This also allows you to adjust how clearly you can see out of the window. Many dual shear shades come standard with a color-coordinated headrail. Dual sheer shades are also a great choice for larger windows where traditional horizontal blinds might be too heavy to install or operate. Dual sheer shades can be customized with convenient lift options to make them even easier to operate. The continuous cord loop option keeps dual shear shades clutter free with the controls taking up minimal space on a nearby wall or window frame. Simply pull the loop in either direction to raise or lower the shade with ease. It's an ideal choice for particularly large shades. For the ultimate in convenience, upgrade your dual share shades with a motorized lift system. This will allow you to roll up all of your shades at once with a single press of a button. Top your dual shear shades off with a fabric-wrapped headrail. Due to the construction of the headrail, dual share shades will have a slight gap of light on the same side as the pull cord. Avoid using dual shear shades in areas where moisture or humidity are present. Blinds.com offers a stunning selection of dual shear shades for any budget. Explore our full selection now to see which one is right for you and if you need help choosing your perfect window covering, call 1-800-505-1905 to use our free design consulting services. Our expert designers are ready and waiting to help you today.

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