How to Install Bali Vertical Cellular Shades - Outside Mount


Vertical cellular shades are beautiful and easy to install, and cordless control options have been certified as best for kids by an independent lab. In this video, we’ll show you how to mount vertical cellular shades outside your window frame step by step. First, take a look at the installation guide that was included with your shade. Make sure you have all of the parts and all the tools you’ll need, and if you’re installing into anything other than wood, get the appropriate screws and anchors. First, measure the length of the side rails. On each end of the window, measure up from where you want the bottom of the shade to extend. Measure up to the length of your side rails, add 2 inches, and make a mark. Align the top of the head rail with the marks you just made. Make sure it’s centered and level, and then carefully mark the corners. From each corner mark, measure 3 inches towards the center of your window and make another mark. That’s where the outside edge of your bracket will be. Next, hold each bracket in place and mark the screw locations. Now, drill the holes for the screws with a 1/16-inch drill bit, and screw the brackets securely into place. If necessary, attach the wheels to the fabric clips. Now, lay the head rail and shade assembly on a clean, flat surface front face up. Carefully free the cords from the packaging, untangle them if necessary, and place them on top of the fabric. Press the release buttons on the handles, and open the shade to approximately 14 inches. And, starting with the left side of the headrail, slide it onto the shade assembly. Secure the left end plate with two screws, making sure that the cords are out of the way. Slide the tension plate down against the locking collar. Thread the cords along the head rail grooves. Slide the proper number of cord retainers on the first tab behind the front of the headrail. Space evenly down the length of the headrail. Secure the right end plate with two screws and clip the plastic covers over both ends. Now, mount the headrail by placing it on the front lip of the bracket and snapping it into place. Press the release buttons on the handles to operate your shade. That’s it, you’re done. If you had any trouble following these steps or need to know how to care for and clean your new shade, check your installation guide or visit our website. The Window Covering Safety Council recommends cordless window coverings that are certified best for kids.

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