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Woven wood shades bring the beauty of nature right into your home, thanks to a blend of gorgeous, natural materials that make every shade unique. Woven wood shades are also known as wooden roman shades, matchstick shades, natural shades, or bamboo shades. No matter what name you call them, the result is the same: unparalleled natural style for your windows. The unique look of woven wood shades comes from their combination of textures and natural materials, featuring everything from exotic reeds to jutes, grasses, straws, and woven wood. Adorn your windows with sophisticated natural colors, rich patterns, and deep tones. And, because woven wood shades are handcrafted, you'll find that no two builds are the same. In addition to their one-of-a-kind style, woven wood shades still offer the light control you would expect from a soft shade. The construction of the woven wood allows natural light in while still affording privacy. Another benefit of woven wood shades is that they're environmentally friendly and made from renewable resources. While each woven wood shade is handcrafted, you can still give them an even more personal touch with custom options tailored for your window. Customers love the cordless lift option, which hides the control system to offer cord-free operation. This is a popular option for homes with children or pets. Be sure to check out your product's description for more information on child safety. A customer favorite is to upgrade to a top-down/bottom-up lift, which allows you to raise from the bottom or lower from the top, affording a great view out while maintaining privacy. The continuous cord loop option keeps woven wood shades clutter-free, with the controls taking up minimal space on a nearby wall or window frame. Simply pull the loop in either direction to raise or lower the shade with ease. It's an ideal choice for large shades. For the ultimate in convenience, upgrade your woven wood shades with a motorized lift system. This will allow you to roll up all of your shades at once with a single press of the button. If you want increased light control or greater privacy, you can add blackout or light-filtering liners to almost any woven wood shade. Colored or patterned edge bindings and decorative hems give a tailor-made finish to every shade. It is important to note that the natural materials and fabrics of woven wood shades are prone to stretching or even fraying over time. While some feel this adds to the overall natural look, it's not for everyone. Edge bindings can help with fraying and stretching so that the materials better keep their shape. Alternatively, you can order the shade shorter than your window so it stretches to fill the space. In addition to possible stretching, it's also normal for the colors of woven wood shades to change a little over time. Blinds.com offers beautiful woven wood shades to give your home natural beauty on any budget. Explore our full selection now to see which one is right for you, and if you need help choosing your perfect window covering, call 1-800-505-1905 to use our free design consulting services. Our expert designers are ready and waiting to help today.

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